Personal Branding in the Age of The Introverts


Television had us used to extroverted talents, people who move well in stressful environments, with lights, with audience, with the nerves of a direct.

Are there introverted leaders?

I had always thought that leadership was reserved for extroverts. He was the Swiss psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) who propelled the notions of extraversion and introversion in his personality theories. For Jung, extraversion is the attitude that is characterized by focus interest on an external object. This assumes that the outgoing person is interested in the other when it comes to establishing a social bond and predisposes his or her encouragement for the relationship to thrive. Instead, introversion is the attitude characterized by the concentration of interest in the individual's internal processes. In other words, introvert prefers quiet environments, Simple, Minimalist.

Eye, don't confuse introverted with embarrassing. Shameful is one who constantly fears negative judgments.

What has happened since that famous "markets are conversations"?

Following the Cluetrain Manifesto of the 1999 (markets are conversations), The Internet opened its doors to the collaborative network, to an environment that allows people and businesses to communicate fluently and transparency from your to your, no hierarchies.

The blog allows you to communicate person to person, comment to comment.

The web 2.0, this movement, that starts with the forums and continues with the blogs and culminates with social networks, encourages people who hadn't even considered standing in front of a camera for some time to write, to throw slogans, Messages, Alerts. They dare to “get into conversation”. It's the introverts. His natural environment is the blog, the king of kings of social media. They also frequent some networks, but they're not very comfortable with Twitter (too many people). They are also not comfortable presenting their message in videos to Youtube. The blog, instead, allows them to communicate person to person, comment to comment.

I am often asked about whether or not to launch and maintain a blog: I'm a big supporter of this digital medium. But I highly recommend it to all introverts who have something interesting to say: will move like fish in the water.


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6 thoughts on "Personal Branding in the Age of The Introverts”

  1. An interesting point of view. In fact, a los 15 years diagnosed me with introversion. Then there was the internet, but not the web 2.0.

    I have thought many times about the blog topic, but I'm overwhelmed by the doubt of whether what I'm going to explain there will interest someone. With this article I re-examine the issue, there is always the possibility of an outside exit and it seems that the blog is a good way.

  2. He visited her that ens ofereixes sob re el bloguer com una “introverted avis”. M agradria fer a aim that pot ajudar altres readers. Jo soc un vergonyós nat, i the blog has been an indispensable eina per a superar aquesta by al judici dels altres. I encourage shameful to use a blog, et relaxa la ment moltíssim. (dispenseu l spelling, tinc a mobile that fa figa)

  3. Sometimes I have thought that blogs are for people who have many things to say, with sufficient work or experience, in my case I'm an engineer, and by my living profession surrounded almost all the time by technical issues and so on, but I really want to tell you what I do and so on, but I can't find that balance of teaching what I do to tell it, but not falling into very technical or conceptual language. That you can suggest to me.

    • Hello Alfredo. Who are you targeting? If you're heading to your own collective, eager to improve your brand in the sector, you can use a technical language. If you're targeting end customers, buyers of engineering services, you have to use more open and understandable language. Thank you so much for writing!


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