Personal Branding Plan: Manage -already- the script of your life

Today the Personal Branding Plan, the first online personal brand self-management course. An ambitious and cooperative project that answers these questions:

  1. Are you waiting for the Opportunity of your life and it didn't just come?
  2. 're Dissatisfied with your current job but you're afraid of a Change?
  3. Your project is powerful but you don't get to the Heart your customers?
  4. Have you lost your Work -or you're about to lose it- and you don't know what to do to find another?

If you don't feel identified in these four issues you don't need to keep reading.

But if you feel identified, welcome to the club, read this article: can help you a lot, since:

  • Opportunities never come alone, because the Luck -even if it looks like a paradox- it's not the product of chance.
  • We're the only ones Responsible of what happens to us and we have the opportunity to change the course of events, and this is our real luck, it's our chance.
  • We can go from comparsas to being the Protagonists of our history and write it for our own benefit and that of the people around us.

I'll tell you more.:

Managing our personal brand is to write the script of our life

  • The Crisis has put things in place definitively, we depend on ourselves And no one will come to our aid. Nor the state, nor the company, no one will be our worth, this is part of the past, the blue princes won't come to rescue us, we depend on ourselves.
  • Managing our personal brand is to write the script of our life, learn to get to know each other, discover what our real dream is, chart the way to get it and explain it to others to share it and to become the chosen ones.
  • Starting today managing your personal brand is more at your fingertips. How I advanced you a few days ago, Today I present to you the Personal Branding Plan the first online course of Self personal brand.

24x7x12: You will have at your disposal at any time of the day and seven days a week, the method for Connect with yourself, develop your project or your Dream, Do Viable And Communicate to others. How long? It's up to you, but about the three weeks if we put on a while every day.


Author's note: The course ended, and now it's become Personal Brand Online, a course created in 2020 by Guillem Recolons, Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina, Helena Casas and Isaac G. Merino. All the information in this link COURSE PERSONAL BRAND ONLINE.

Personal Brand Course Online

Finished. I can think of many more reasons for you to develop your plan and achieve your career goal, but I invite you to visit the course website for you to find out for yourself @

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