Is political personal branding utopian??

Exciting or non-existent. That's how I see personal political branding. In a system like the U.S., It's exciting. In a system like the Spanish one, it's non-existent. Let me reason this statement.

Here's a one-minute video summary:

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Where's the brand, Where the product is?

The U.S. case U.S.

If we were to look at U.S. policy through the prism of Branding, We'd see:

  1. The political party is neither a brand nor a product, It's platform.
  2. People who are active on that platform may diverge in views. Those professionals, politicians, They have their own brand in that they can defend points of view far removed from the platform's global program. The brand, therefore, it is held by the candidates, Their value propositions are their own. Campaign fundraising is managed by them. The team is chosen by them, and not the platform.
  3. The Product, in this case, It is made up of those Projects that can meet the needs of voters (Customers).
  4. The particular case of the Senate It is from a territorial chamber of representation that hosts a senator per state.

The Spanish case

  1. In this case, The central axis of the Branding is exercised from the apparatus party, that sets the tone for what should be said and done. That happens both on the strategic side (program) as in the messages that are released daily to the media. The match is, therefore, the brand.
  2. The Product role is reserved for the program, Prepared by the party's governing body, with little or no participation from the rest of the professionals, but with their approval through ordinary congresses that are usually held every four years.
  3. Politicians, whose mission is to defend and disseminate the program (Product) and brand values (party) they can't keep -a priori- A divergent line of the official line.
  4. Politicians don't have economic independence. The collector is the party (the brand) which receives allocations from the state based on its results and also limited donations from individuals and companies.
  5. The Senate in Spain it does not correspond to the 100% to a chamber of territorial representation, Senators are elected proportionally to population and percentage of the vote, being composed today by 266 Senators, a much higher number than the number of autonomous communities or provinces. In Popular Terms, The Senate is assigned the role of graveyard for retired politicians, and some parties have called for its abolition.

Personal political branding

In the USA Personal political branding is key to success of a candidacy, since the candidate usually has more weight than the party and his own ideas that are different from other party colleagues. In the UK there is not so much freedom, But with the Brexit We have seen how politicians from the same party have defended opposing options.

In Spain, personal political branding has minimal weight, since Messages are conditional By Brand (party) & Product (program). In this case, Personal branding focuses on aspects such as public speaking skills, personal image, and in some cases management of profiles on social networks and blogs (which in many cases is managed by the party).

We might conclude that the personal political branding, Understood from a holistic perspective, it's a utopia in Spain.

If you want a great example of Personal Branding, I recommend you watch the series in its entirety The West Wing (The West Wing of the White House), a jewel created by Aaron Shorkin, and that it was issued between 1999 And 2006. You can find it on HBO Max, And it's so worth it.

Here's my favorite scene:

If you need information about a specific workshop, Here's an infographic summarizing my program.

personal infographic political branding by guillem recolons

Cover image: NBCU PHOTO BANK 'The West Wing' Cast Reflects on Favorite Episodes – The Hollywood Reporter

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