Personal Branding World, Biocommunication and Ethics

The start of August marks the holiday period for many people, especially in the Northern Hemisphere. That's why I share with you some books to reconnect with myself that I include in my suitcase. Three, Read, and the others, chosen for reasons I describe to you.

I'm going to entertain myself a little more with the first three: Personal Branding World, Biocommunication and Ethics of Integral Ecology.

You can also listen to it in the episode 83 of Everything leaves Mark in iVoox, Spotify Or Apple Podcast.

Personal Branding World, the new ebook

“Personal Branding World” is an excellent initiative of my colleague Fran Segarra, author of the map of global personal branding, psychologist and podcast author Human Talks, and my colleague Robert J. Samaniego, the greatest apostle of personal brand of Ecuador and author of the programs 15 Red Hot minutes, in video and podcast.

Francesc has put his research on where the first swords of global personal branding are, and Robert has been in charge of convincing a few of us to create exclusive chapters and layout and edit the book.. Next to nothing.

27 authors of 10 Countries, 27 Articles, 98 pages loaded with value. Here you have the 27 Titles, its authors and brief descriptions of what you will find in “Personal Branding World”.

The myths around personal branding

Ale Marroquín, CDMX,  Mexico

Ale talks about a path of learning and mistakes, of discovering a purpose and understanding that this process could turn it into a value proposition so that your customers do not make those mistakes.

Personal brand of plasticine

Ami Bondia, Valencia

The new era requires professionals with a flexible personal brand or "plasticine". Plasticine: It is a plastic material used for molding and is usually used by children for its easy use and colorful colors.

What you can't fail as a personal brand consultant

Arancha Ruiz, Barcelona

As personal brand consultants we play a fundamental role in the economy and society by guiding leaders., Entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals to manage your career and increase your influence. To achieve this purpose we should never fail to convey the rigor of our work..

Being and doing in the digital age

Carolina Camelo, Cali, Colombia

Existing in cyberspace is not just a matter of presence or visibility, and although more and more is being done to be in force, the challenge is to really connect from being and doing.

What can personal branding do for senior talent?? 

Colia Hil, The Penedès, Barcelona

Ageism or age discrimination in the company causes Senior Talent to become invisible. El Personal Branding, can give you the visibility to communicate your talent and thus continue chaining projects.

Find your differential! 

Deize Andrade, São Paulo, Brazil

We are all the same! Are? No! … you are unique!! I am unique!!

Personal branding from Jesus of Nazareth to the present day

Fernando Rios, Caracas, Venezuela

With the new contexts, Challenges and objectives often happen that along the way the essence of the brand is lost and we focus on tactics and numbers, and what can we do so as not to deviate from the path??

Technology: nor humanizes, nor does it dehumanize

Fran Segarra, Barcelona

"Homo Sapiens used sophisticated stone tools ago. 71.000 years". Reading the article under that title, Fran realized that the question contained a fundamental error of approach.: technology and human species is an indivisible binomial.

Personal brand: based on real and human facts

Guillem Recolons, Barcelona

There are two fateful words in personal branding: "create" and "build". That's what the characters do, trolls, bots. Our personal brand and identity do not start from scratch. They are there, in every human being.

Less marketing and more heart

Isabel Jimenez Muriel, Madrid

Over time I have learned that the first thing, if it is not based on the latter, generates a large bonfire of black or white smoke, depending on the case, that rises quickly but that, in the same way, fast and no turning back, Disappears.

Visibility, from coherence and authenticity

Jane del Tronco, Madrid

If we want to connect and influence, on or off the network, it is essential to build trust. Look inside yourself and share with others what really moves you, what you can offer them value and what makes you special. Make yourself visible from what connects with you for real, and with them!

Why develop the personal brand? 

Luciane Bemfica, Porto Alegre, Brazil

I begin this article by answering the title question in a simple and direct way: because developed and strong personal brands generate more value, open doors, sell more, create links.

What do you convey with your personal brand image?? 

Maria A. Sánchez, Alicante

Train your gaze, decide your Visual Identity in Social Networks. Even though we know that everything in our presence communicates, we acquire our aesthetic criteria (our style) self-taught.

Personal brand digital identity

Nancy Vazquez, Puebla, Mexico

Everyone talks about being in a digital world, say phrases like: "If they don't see you, you don't exist", but it is not enough to be seen, you have to be real, reliable and credible. What if you have visibility, but not consistency, or you are someone else's copy? You become irrelevant, one more.

Digital super egos

Paul Adam, Valencia

Even if it doesn't seem like it, not so many people enjoy too much on social networks. Sometimes they become just a refuge environment for downtime or days of euphoria. I guess the dedication and enjoyment in them depends on many variables, one of them is the time available, but another more important is the way you focus on them; roles.

Why your digital identity should have a soul? 

Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Barcelona

Marketing has always defended that powerful content will generate a great impact on networks: "Content Is King". But, In addition, communication needs interaction with emotions to achieve good engagement and, therefore, greater success: "Conversation is the Queen".

Self-knowledge as the basis of personal branding

Paulo Moreti, São Paulo, Brazil

Currently, we see many highly competent professionals and leaders in various areas, banging their heads in the market, without being able to position yourself and do you know why?

The importance of managing your personal brand

Raquel Aldana, Guatemala City, Guatemala

With this article I intend that you become aware of the importance of learning to manage your personal brand. It doesn't matter what you do or what your profession is, if you are an entrepreneur, Entrepreneur, Executive, autonomous, Etc.

Essential components of the personal brand

Raul of Tena, Badajoz

In this text we will analyze the key elements that define a solid Personal Brand, when it comes to entrepreneurship. Thus, we will identify nuclear elements, enhancers and context elements.

Be authentic in the virtual world

Robert Samaniego, Quito, Ecuador

When assessing a public figure's digital reputation, whether it is from the business or political sphere, we find a mosaic of characters who "built" their Personal Brand from desires or stereotypes and not to the correct "management" of it.

Metaverse and personal brand: Start over? 

Roberto Arancibia, Santiago, Chile

We are not all talking about the Metaverse, Still. A wave formed long ago that grows and grows. You have to prepare, it will pass over us like a tsunami, both companies and our Personal Brand.

Connection with emotion: the human link

Ames Spray, File, Peru

Nothing made it so easy for us to communicate with other people as social networks., made them fast, possible with whom we had lost contact, but you run the risk of neglecting the most important thing: human contact and warmth.

Your personal brand gives you wings

Ruben Montesinos, Alicante

In a world saturated with brands, companies and professionals fight in a fierce battle to capture our attention. Who are you and what do you offer to have to invest time in yourself??

The importance of a professional image in the personal brand

Sonia Troncoso, Barcelona

The personal brand is the mark we leave on others and is built on real values, Professional, and emotional of each person, and that makes you unique and special.

The value of your digital brand is in your values

Veronica Sanchez, Bogota, Colombia

Digital communication has become our way of relating to the world, who reads us, see and listen digitally has a perception of the way we relate thanks to what we make you feel. However, where is the true value of our communication that makes our personal brand more human??

Personal brand "digital"? No, Thank you! 

Vladimir Estrada, Santiago, Dominican Republic

Precision in the use of concepts and terms is fundamental to the development and positive social positioning of any discipline, and personal branding is no exception. Let's check ourselves!

Personal brand: Digitally more human? 

Ylse Roa, Caracas, Venezuela

In the midst of the digital transformation furor, in a competitive environment, changing and uncertain, How can you propose personal branding strategies that reinforce your authenticity and your human values?? How can you make your personal brand more human in a digital world??

Where to find the ebook Personal Branding World? 

You will find the book Personal Branding World at Fran Segarra's page, both in ePub and PDF versions. I wholeheartedly recommend reading, it will pass you quickly and there is a lot of known value and unknown value.


Book in paper version and ebook recently published by Rafa Cordón, a great expert who has left his mark on companies such as Bayer and Merck leading during 25 years the areas of neurology, endocrinology and vascular risk.

Next to the author, Rafa Cordon, the past 19 July at ISDI Buisness School
Together with the author of “Biocommunication”, Rafa Cordon, the past 19 July at ISDI Buisness School Madrid

"Biocommunication" is a treatise on the need for body and mind to go hand in hand to boost our self-confidence and thereby improve the confidence we transmit to others.

I recognize that this is a surprising idea, moves away from the idea of nonverbal language as it introduces autobiographical elements, scientific and psychological.

I won't spoiler, but the text starts with two stories that shake, one to prove that Biocommunication began a long time ago 45.000 Years, and the other is to describe in a very graphic way a car accident that Rafa suffered.

A well-explained book, enlightened, with good stories, with technical base and with exercises to put into practice. An essential text for those who want to lead big (and not so big) Organizations.

Ethics of integral ecology

I barely had 9 Or 10 years when José Sols Lucía introduced me to the existence of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. It was the year seventy-little, and in Spain those groups did not play on the radio until years later.

José, classmate in young years of the Jesuits, is now Doctor of Theology, graduated in Contemporary History and works as a professor and researcher in Mexico City.

Presentation of Ethics of Integral Ecology, July 2022, Barcelona
Presentation of Ethics of Integral Ecology, July 2022, Barcelona

His book has made him better understand the ecological problem we are experiencing., since it covers it from humanism, ethics, and with a comprehensive and integrated conception that makes it clear that solutions must come from many stakeholders, not just politics, since it has been precisely politics that has prevented progress to the great threat posed by climate change.

It is also a book that warns that developing actions partially alone will bring patches., partial solutions, but not what all the inhabitants of the earth are looking for: a global and urgent solution.

And it is a book that encompasses the necessary spiritual vision of ecology., excluded from the ecological debate by the large organizations that fight it. A light book, that you can read in an afternoon (160 Pages), and that puts you into action regarding a great problem of Humanity.

10 Editorial Platform proposals

Imagine that one day you come home and find a huge envelope full of books.. This has happened to me this week. I've literally been happy for the holidays, where I will have readings to choose from.

  • Camus. Tanase,Virgil
  • Nelson Mandela by himself
  • Psychology to not go crazy. Colom, Roberto
  • Meditations for our time by Marcus Aurelius
  • The inner paradise. Nadal, Jordi
  • The next frontier. Figueras, Albert
  • Your life, your best company. Bauset, Esther
  • Believe in yourself and other articles from La Vanguardia. Nadal, Jordi
  • Reinventing. Alonso Puig, Mario
  • Viure la vida amb sentit. Küppers, Victor

Of course, I haven't read any of these yet 10 Books, so I can't recommend them, but we do recommend that you visit the website of Editorial Platform, I was surprised by the high profile of the authors.

On the recommendation of my LinkedIn followers, where I shared a few days ago the photo with the list of titles, I'll start with Dr's. Mario Alonso Puig "Reinvent yourself". Then I fancy a biography, like Camus's, and so I will see and alternate texts from my work context with others such as novels or biographies.

I hope tee liked this multiple recommendation, With “Personal Branding World”, “Biocommunication” And “Ethics of integral ecology” as flags. I'll tell you. Happy week, and if you are one of the people who start a vacation, Happy rest!!

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