Personal Branding requires perspective, context is everything

How many times have you made a decision based on incomplete information? Me too, Many. The need for a global perspective and context is vital to form a state of opinion, and that also affects the personal brand.

If you have little time I'll summarize it in a minute (Thank you Celestino Martinez by those shots):

The difficulty of forming an opinion without a comprehensive perspective of the context

This photograph of Prince William (Thank you Francesc Grau) leads to a single meaning if the context is not investigated: the comb. If you keep a single image, can come to the wrong conclusions.

The difficulty of getting the full picture

Sometimes, it's just very difficult to get that overview, and you have to trust the emitter that, perhaps intentionally, it serves you the angles that interest him so that you form the opinion he wants.

This happens very often in politics, corporate communication and, Especially, in journalism. Here's another angle of the same instant when William's response to journalists is, Simply, Three.

Attention and perception, when the five senses are involved

I am told by Helena Casas that the misuse of technology can alter our perception of things. But our attention, it's private, can be collected by robots to provide data to companies that will then use it in advertising to snever our perception of reality. That's what happened., For example, with Cambridge Analytica scandal, I invite you to see in "The Great Hack", the Netflix documentary.

And also that perspective is not only the fruit of the sense of sight, but it's given in all five ways. A perfume, deep down, tries to deflect a person's perception of natural odor, of an establishment, detergent.

Distortion of concepts

Elena Arnaiz gives away priceless reflections on her Instagram posts. The last, you can read Here, gathers an idea that reinforces the deformation of perspective:

... Because there's a lot of distortion of concepts in disclosure

Elena Arnaiz

It's an unanswerable reality. Distortion of concepts often occurs in disclosure. I myself have chosen a phrase from your text for convenience, ignoring the context of that insight. And that can warp the meaning. That's why I leave you the full text, written in the wake of Mental Health Day: 

… I take care of her every day. I spend many hours of my day choosing what and how to think. What actions to take to achieve the balance and well-being I want for my.

I take care of myself with care, gently. I make conscious effort to build myself beautiful moments. Each and every one of my days.


And it turns out that I also know that in our brain all those complex systems are made of ball. Which is a machinon but needs a lot of help to make it go at full capacity.

And that's why I read. I read and read because the psychological culture of our society is between nil and scarce. Because there's a lot of distortion of concepts in disclosure. Because if you want you can't always. And because quick and magical formulas always have a bouncing effect.

And that's why I'm writing this now. That's why, in the bad times, I take blank folio and boli and spit it all out there so I don't splash my own inside.

Take care. You need more than ever."

Elena Arnáiz

Attention economy

We need to understand attention as a resource, of which we, as people, we only have one part. That leads us as a society to make efforts to focus people's attention. My video collection Do you have a minute? it's a resource for it.

Attention economy
Source: Medium

The concept of attention economics was defined by Thomas H. Davenport and J. C. Beck already in 2001. Part of the idea that attention focuses on mental engagement in a particular element of information. The articles come to our knowledge, we attend to a particular article and then decide whether to act.

Fake news for lack of perspective

On the other hand, the deletion or deformation of contexts and the opacity of the sources lead us to the fake news. It's very easy for a politician to issue a tweet 280 characters with something that will be cover the next day. It saves the press conference, the questions, takes the perspective out of us.

The positive part is that we have constant communication, on the go, but tremendously sesained. And I wonder if it wouldn't be better to go back to the logs, those early-millennial blogs that collected a person's "aboard diary", with all the context. A good example today is the blog Let's talk about Talent, by Juan Carlos Cubeiro.

I can't stop showing you "Point of view.", a gem of advertising created by BMP, performed by Paul Weiland for the rotating The Guardian. It is a magnificent demonstration of the need for context and the need for change of perspective.

The Personal Brand and the need for perspective

Some people have demonstrated through "extensive" publications and tested their level of expertise in a subject. Enrique Dans with the Technology, Andrés Pérez Ortega with personal strategy, through multiple publications. Arancha Ruiz with the idea of digital daughters. Ivan Diaz with the Branding.

All these people have been able to generate context, and give their publications rigour and perspective. They can afford to use their own phrases, even if they're out of context, because it is possible to pull the thread and reach full reflection.

Today short messages abound on some social networks without perspective, simply because they are "resultona" phrases that quickly catch the eye. But let's remember that after the "wow" comes the "how", so if you can't pull the thread, these phrases cannot in themselves generate an element of attraction and persuasion.

Context, today more than ever, it's everything.

Stock Photos from art_of_sun / Shutterstock


Virtual presentation of the book "If you don't contribute, don't matter.

My first child on paper has already gone on sale, the past 7 October. As the Covid theme conditions us in person, on the one hand, and I'd like to get to the other side of the Atlantic as well, on the other side, I start with a virtual presentation.

Joan Clotet, the prologuist, Antonio and Rosa Rasche, editors and I will talk about perspective and the context that encourages professionals to take charge of their value proposition and personal brand.

Thursday, 15 October 2020, a las 19:30Spanish time h, 12:30h in Mexico, I stream it directly from my profile on Linkedin and Twitter (Periscope) and also on YouTube with the link We're waiting for you.!

Personal Branding Lab Day 2020: Make your Personal Brand find you a job

We already have a date and motto for the 6th edition of the great day of the Personal Brand, Personal Branding Lab Day. It'll be Saturday. 28 November, 100% Online, marathon 8 hours broadcast live from YouTube.

  • Spain, of the 11 6pm GMT+1
  • Make your Personal Brand find you a job

And as a novelty this year we will have three spectacular formats of content:

  • 28 Talks 10 Minutes
  • 3 face-to-face debates 20 Minutes
  • 30 video pills from 1 Minute (in Spanish)

Don't miss it! On the channel Youtube by Personal Branding Lab Day. The information will be updated with the list of participants on the congress website itself:

Personal Branding Lab Day 2020
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