Don't think (Only) Google, think about your customers

I'm often asked (And I wonder): Why do real experts in a subject don't appear up to the page 4 Or 5 Google?

This is the fourth of the trends I wrote down a few days ago in the post Trends 2020 in Personal Branding.

If you have a minute, I invite you to watch this video-summary:

Don't obsess about Google

Don't do it, Because you'll lose freshness. Think about your customers. How to impact and create value through a natural message, more like a cafeteria conversation than a "elevator pitch online".

If you follow SEO rules (positioning on the Internet) to the letter, they may find you on the first page, but also that you lose freshness and relevance.

We don't always have to write articles 2.000 words that begin by defining a theme, what's such a thing? and then developing where is such a thing?, how is such a thing consumed?… It is not always necessary to mention 20 sometimes the same keyword.

Google's "spider" (and other search engines) that tracks the articles seems not to settle for the title to know what the subject matter is covered in a text. You need to find that word many times, in bold, in titles, in pictures... can you imagine us talking like that in real life?

Artificial intelligence lacks naturalness, that's clear

Google tries, but its algorithm is imperfect. Why do real experts in a subject don't appear up to the page 4 Or 5 Google? Will we have to get used to going to the last pages of a search to find what really works well?

The ones that are there, in front of everything, are the ones who know the algorithm Google, not the secrets of personal brand strategy. And that's why I think this seeker needs to separate the grain from the straw, because those who are taking the cat into the water are not the ones who know more than something, are the ones who know Google best.

It's true that my keywords are more specific, As “Personal Branding Company“. Then, that means we need to educate those looking to specify exactly what they want.

A punishment? A Chance?

Maybe it's just chance., but when I advanced in the first post the tendency to go back to naturalness and not think so much about Google, this happened to me:

drop web audience guillem recolons after talking about Google negatively
Analytics shows audience drop after negative comment to Google

Within days of publishing a text containing the words "don't think about Google, think of your customers" happened that the audience on my website started plummeting, going from an average of 750 one-time daily visits to just under 200.

I'd rather think it's not a Google punishment., but it's a suspicious coincidence. This reaffirms to me the need to return to a certain naturalness, and by, Supposed, look for alternatives to a monopoly that admits no criticism.

Some alternative formulas to Google

Seekers: A couple of years ago my colleague and friend Cláudio Inácio posted a very explicit post on his blog: Is there life beyond Google? 17 web browsers you may not know. Here are many very good solutions as search engines.

Other alternatives: If we think about our customers, we can do without search engines and go to social media, to face-to-face events, use your phone.

One of the platforms I usually recommend is Linkedin (at B2B is unbeatable). Above all, because it's a CRM that allows you to easily find people, find high-quality content, write on his blog (without Google affecting visits) and measure all of this with great ease.

Of course, if your business is B2C things change. If you sell smartphone cases for teens it's better Tik Tok. If you sell shoes, Facebook, if you sell cooking courses you might want to look at Instagram and if you sell a course for journalists you should possibly go to Twitter.

Pure question of empathy. Think about your customers

There is a very practical Design Thinking tool to successfully reach your customers. It's called "Person", and helps you understand all the data we need to successfully empathize.

We will understand the needs of our customers and the sources they consult. Question. Ask again. And you see there, and creates value, and attracts, and convinces, and persuades, and shines, and conquest

Let's hope that either Google humanizes its algorithm or other companies appear capable of doing so. The Internet is still a hostile place for many, we deserve to make it look more and more like real life. Think about your customers. Not in search engines.

Possibly, after I publish this article I will be further lowered by visits to the web. If that happens, I'll know I'm playing with fire.

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Personal Branding Lab Day 2019

The past 14 December took place the webinar of the 5th edition of the most important congress in the world in personal brand, The Personal Branding Lab Day.

If you missed it, here are the 8 hours of presentations and roundtables. And in the YouTube by Personal Branding Lab Day you can also see the contributions of 30 experts in short videos of 3 Minutes.


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7 thoughts on "Don't think (Only) Google, think about your customers”

  1. Interesting post Guillem, at least for the case you mention of Google's "bad" "bad" fall, it would be interesting to see the data in mid-January, since it is now normal for visitors to start falling pass to many on these dates…

    If it goes on like this then if it could be…although I have doubts.

    Already in another post you wrote I mentioned this of not going on Google. I still think we don't approach it well.. I'm one of those who recommend trying to position more specific keywords that really attract sales.

    I don't think any company hires the top Google qualifiers for Personal Brand, because when you go into your blogs you'll see that you don't do that. Now if they will hire who comes out as a "personal brand consultancy" "expert in…" etc..

    I think those are the contents that I would worry if people who don't do that came out in the top positions.

    But it's my opinion.. Here everyone who does what he thinks. But, the bater on Google already tired…I'm one of those who think we should look for alternatives to that and that's why thank you very much for recommending my post from other search engines ?. A hug

    • Hello Claudio, And thank you for writing. I must confess to you that, as I say in the post, my keywords are neither “personal brand” Or “personal branding”, because there's an absurd fight and little courage there. I move more by “Personal Branding Company”, “Executive Branding”… But I still think the one who wants to know about a subject, without knowing her in depth, search for very generalist keywords.

      About the “Punishment” Google's is too much of a coincidence. I've never suffered such an exaggerated audience drop, and it occurs -casually- when I question Google's naturalness in its search algorithm.

      Your alternatives post “to the monster” it's fresh air. I send you a big hug!

  2. Good article. Google is a headache. But you no longer need to repeat the kw many times in a post. He's getting smarter and analyzes the semantic set of it to find out what you're talking about.

    “Person” as a tool is enough or the english book also thinks it's important?

    I'm read Russell Brunson's bestseller from "Expert Secrets" because it seems that the Spanish-speaking market doesn't value it, but I consider it a marketing gem, personal branding and online sales.

    • Hello Galaad, thank you for writing. I especially recommend Design Thinking for strategic innovation. Written by Idris Mootee. Published by Empresa Activa. First edition, September 2014. A little gem. Google's getting smarter, I'm still not sure when I'm looking for specialists and meeting non-specialists., but I guess AI is moving forward and this company applies it. Thank you for your recommendation “Expert Secrets”, for these Christmas dates it always goes well. A greeting!

  3. Very good post Guillem, interesting your point of view. In this SEO, simplicity and complexity travel very closely together and it is not easy to choose a single route.

  4. Hello Guillem,
    Once again you've found a post that touches me directly by the profile I have of sales and customer service, for some time now 22 Years. It's about, yes to listening to our potential customers and those who are to follow in the conversation process so as not to lose them or to go to the competition. I don't write for Google, yes I should do it so they can find me on the front page of San Google!! I write for those people who are aligned with my values, the ones that have been following me for a long time and share what I write, I say and feel. I also write for those I affectionately call “cotillas” who see what I post but never comment on anything or tell me anything (of those there are quite a few, Why doesn't Google realize that? or if?
    I also say although Google doesn't identify me with the word detail and doesn't put me on the first page, if I can tell you that a lot of people tell me: – I remember you when I hear or say the word DETAIL- and that's very important to me.. some good print I've left then, No?

    We, and I share post!

    A greeting and happy week

    • Hello Mirka, you know I'm not an expert in digital marketing. I'm sure if we ask Cláudio Inácio he'll tell us that “Detail” it's too generic a word to make it an element that attracts potential customers to your website. We often need to contextualize more. I seek to be found, For example, by words like “personal branding company” who explain what I do and for whom I do it. A hug and thank you for writing!


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