Have you forgotten to put your talent into action??

Today I continue with the PBLabDay21 category, deconstructing the golden minute of Elena Arnaiz on the importance of putting your talent into action. In case you missed it, last week I tried Raquel Gómez's golden minute, with the title Did you know that a change of narrative can boost your personal brand?

Returning to Elena, if you have little time, I'll explain in a minute:

Elena Arnaiz's golden minute on the idea of putting your talent into action

I remain subscribed to simple ideas that manage to transform our lives or, at least, they generate that reflection of the change necessary to do so.

Elena and Talento go hand in hand, but unlike talent theorists, she has put it into action with an essential book that collects that idea of putting your talent into action: Put your talent into action, edited by ESIC, 2021. 

Starting point: you don't deserve those results

This is the starting point of many people who do not explain the reason for their insufficient results. It is clear that you are a qualified person, Talented, your problem is not that: your problem is that the others don't know.

Clear concept: Action = Success

Or put another way, Elena distinguishes those people who succeed from those who are not. And it's simple: the former have put their plan into action. The latter either have no plan, or they have it forgotten in a drawer.

The reasons can be diverse: the "I don't have time" syndrome, The imposter syndrome (thinking you don't have enough skills), the syndrome of Solomon Asch, perfectionist syndrome (paralysis from analysis), laziness, sloppiness, lack of sense of urgency, and follow you, the excuses would never end.

Sacrifice, curse word

Elena talks about effort, and so far many people "buy" the idea. And also of sacrifice, and with that we begin to see reluctance. The question is how far are we willing to go to achieve our goals?? Success comes later, the first thing is to set a roadmap and implement it.

And sacrifice does not imply an unhealthy pursuit of perfection.. Let's remember that perfection is not perfect, and many times it is the N1 enemy of the action.

We are not here to shine, but to shine

This is a frequent confusion in personal brand management. We do not launch our arsenal of competences, experiences and our attitude and values to self-shine. We do it to achieve the objective of that project for which we serve (Because, we are all at the service of projects).

And the brightness comes to us by reflection, as in a mirror. Doesn't it happen to you that when you are next to someone who shines you feel better??

A minute that goes a long way, but above all to put your talent into action

And without further axe I leave you the video of Elena, which is perfect in content and form. One of the initiatives of this year's Personal Branding Lab Day has been to avoid PowerPoint. And believe me, we have achieved it, of the 60 Interventions, none have used that tool and all have focused on speaking truthfully and forcefully to the audience., no unnecessary embellishments, hairy (so we say it in my land). 

Elena's is a yeast video; has the ability to drive the message through the force of conviction, the look, the tone of voice, the light. Thank you Elena for lighting up and congratulations on the book!


You can listen to the full version of this content at iVoox, Spotify And Apple Podcast.


Keys to attracting talent in 2022, the ebook

You may remember the congress that was held last October called "Attracting Talent", in which Nilton Navarro, Juan Martínez de Salinas and I discuss the keys to employer branding in organizations.

Content is now available in ebooks and in an online course of 19 videos for companies to achieve a magnetic mark in three steps:

  1. Branding: Preparing a strong employer brand
  2. Talent Loyalty
  3. Talent Attraction

It is aimed at people who integrate People departments (before RR. HH) of SMEs, and both the book and the course can be purchased here: Keys to Attracting Talent in 2022, the ebook

10 December: The PBEX arrives 2021, 5Edition

And still with the hangover of the Personal Branding Lab Day 7th edition that took place on 27N2021, I announce the arrival of another event to close this year with more Personal Branding, the Personal Branding Experience or PBEX 2021.

Daniela Viek, your hostess, has organized a more intimate event, but with very relevant figures on the international scene, with an imposing collection of flags from several countries and in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

This year's motto is What is the superpower of your personal brand??

The event is online and free, and I remember you: 10 December. Registration in pbexexperience.com.

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