23 reasons to put you in value



Putting it into value is the culmination of a personal branding process. There are many reasons to do so, but for now with 23 we'll have enough. I've been inspired by ideas and insights from people I follow and admire in this small but vibrant world of personal branding.

23 powerful reasons to put you in value in a framework of constant change


#1 Control

If you don't say who you are, others will say what you're not (Ramon Freixa)

If you want to have the remote control of your life it is important to manage your brand. The phrase of the philosopher and journalist Ramon Freixa it can't be more explicit. They look up your name in a sector guide and they can't find you. They google you and another person who's called just like you with pictures of people who aren't you. If you don't communicate, Exist, But no one's going to find you

#2 Coherence

A Personal Brand Has to Be Strong, Human, believable and authentic (Eva Collado)

One of the expressions I fall in love with my good friend Eva Collado and author of Brand is you is that without a plan we go through life like headless chickens. Clearer and graphic, Water. Consistency, that's not at odds with creativity, it's a basic slogan, and in personal brand it brings strength, Credibility, authenticity and humanity. It's not a small time..

#3 Differentiation

You either distinguish yourself or you go extinct (J. Manuel Casado)

I tend to say that in a world of more than 7.000 millions of people, differentiating is no option, it's a necessity. Yes, 2C's consultant and CEO phrase José Manual Casado compels a reflection. And I add, besides difference let's remember the relevance.

#4 Management skills

Managing our personal brand is like making a board of self (Raquel Gomez)

Tom Peters started talking about our Me Inc (something like I, S.a.) in an already distant 1998. Recently, the lawyer, coach and personal brand specialist Raquel Gomez, author of How to sell your personal brand has referred to our ability to be managers of ourselves, with our own board of directors.

#5 Reputation

Everything leaves a mark, what we do and what we don't do (one I know)

Everything leaves a mark. What we say and what we shut up. What we do and what we don't do. The network doesn't forget, and there will always be a person willing to damage your reputation. Go carefully and dedicate yourself to build, to create value, to leave a referent and sincere personal brand, of value. And don't forget that we can't please everyone, you also have to live with our intimate enemies.

#6 Vocation of Service

If you focus on yourself, you don't leave a mark; your brand makes sense if you contribute to others. (Andrés Pérez Ortega)

Perhaps one of the best reflections I've ever read is that of Andrés Pérez Ortega, friend and mentor, author of four big books about personal brand (the last, Personal Brand for Dummies). I add it to Daniel H's phrase. Pink in his comic The Adventures of Johnny Bunko “it's not about you”. And I add, personal brand is not self-prevention, nor autobombo. It's about your value proposition to others.

#7 Impulse

The biggest risk you can take is not to risk. Dare and defeat your fears. (Paula Fernández-Ochoa)

Fear of highlighting (Solomon syndrome). Fear of changing companies. Fear of undertaking. Fear of flying. My favorite runner and personal brander Paula Fernández-Ochoa has broken his fears and encourages us to risk. Even if it's at the cost of making mistakes, failure to failure; in short, of being human. She's pure impulse, Pure #livingcorRiendo.

#8 Initiative

To start is to turn into business what you know how to do, don't make up milongas (Alfonso Alcántara)

Bluntly. You can take advantage of what you do better than anyone., but you'll hardly turn something out of your sphere of competence into gold. The Great Alcantara Alphone (@yoriento for friends), author of SuperProfessional and prolific blogger, knows it well.

#9 Broadcasting

If ideas are not shared, Die. Don't keep them a secret (Marta Grañó)

Far away are the times when discretion prevailed in all professional fields. You have to give air to ideas, whether they're own or outside. It's a basic principle that I share with the teacher and doctoral student Marta Grañó, a great brand advocate staff branding.

#10 Recognition

The Road: Known, Recognized, memorable and chosen (Jordi Collell)

You need to know yourself before you become known. And it is necessary to be known before being recognized. But it doesn't all end up in recognition. There are professionals I respect but I would never embark. My partner at Soymimarca and battle partner Jordi Collell it is clear that we need a third key factor before we are elected: be memorable, bring out our values.

#11 Connection

Communicating is not talking. Communicating is transmitting. (Arancha Ruiz)

How many ideas are you able to retain from a speech 15 Minutes? He should strive to convey, And that includes getting excited, Get, work on a relevant proposal, Gesturing, Interest. Many speak, few arrive. My admiration Arancha Ruiz, author of The map of your talent, knows very well that from what we write or say we only transmit a small part.

#12 Influence

There is no Personal Brand if you don't have the power to influence others, to make people change (Xavi Roca)

It is difficult not to share this reflection of Xavi Roca, a friend who specializes in leadership and personal branding, author of Get out of here. If we don't get a change in others, Influence, our goal will not have been met. I've been to a lot of inspiring talks and lectures. Many have left my mark. But few have made me incorporate new routines.

#13 Discipline

The Personal Branding is only suitable for those people willing to take the reins of their life and that requires effort, time and dedication (Ami Bondia)

Managing your personal brand is not reading a book, attend a course or read 5 blogs about the subject. It is to define a plan with clear objectives. And implement it. As it reminds us Ami BondiTo, author of A coffee with Chan, you have to understand failure as a learning lesson, and if you believe in your dreams you should insist, insist until they are achieved. Pure discipline.

#14 Authenticity

I'd rather be hated for what I'm loved for what I'm not (Kurt Cobain)

I know, the phrase is kind of polarizing, but it's real as life itself. It's also worth it. “Be yourself, the other posts are busy” of the Oscar Wilde. A few days ago I spoke on this blog showcase effect, of projecting a fake image of success on social media. For what? A liar is caught sooner than a lame one.

#15 Socialize

Share, To give, treat others with kindness and respect. Listen, feeling heard. Communicate, Connect. Create. (Raquel Roca)

The author of Knowmads, the workers of the future, Raquel Roca, Insists: “these are the characteristics of the human being; what we need to do, what makes us social and sociable beings. What makes me like you, I like you. Which determines that I want to collaborate/work with you.”

#16 Attitude

Sales attitude is now essential. We must have it ALL. (Ricard Pons)

The No. 16 I reserve it for the good friend Ricard Pons, personal brander, personal seller and excellent coach of speakers TEDxLleida. The staff branding carries a clear selling attitude. We all want to sell. But it's not about selling yourself (that makes it better for others), it's about selling what we know how to do, our product. Actitud personal selling pura.

#17 Capitalize

Professional maturity, the best time to develop the personal brand (Alicia Linares)

Don't throw in the towel. Some people believe that arrived to the professional maturity there is no time to take charge of our personal brand. I, instead, I share my colleague's idea Alicia Linares. It would be absurd not to capitalize on a life of experience, Failures, Successes, People, Achievements. It's never too late..

#18 Networking

Thanks to your personal brand you will develop more authentic professional relationships (Fran Segarra)

Leaving a value mark attracts communities. As my partner says, great friend and humanizer Fran Segarra, it's not just about attracting numbers of people, but to qualities, to build genuine professional relationships. Networking is not about being all day Drilling people, is attraction marketing based on valuable content.

#19 Results

The end of any personal brand is conversion: that what you're passionate about and what you're worth helps others and you get paid for it. (Jane del Tronco)

Who do we want to deceive? We don't want mere recognition. We want action, see that our income statement and current account improve your health. I share with my friend Jane del Tronco Your bold choice: the first indicator of success in managing our personal brand is the result. Neither Klout nor followers nor other vanities.

#20 Dignity

What you don't see, doesn't exist. What you don't prove, it's not worth it. (Paul Adam)

One reflection that came to my soul is that of my good friend Paul Adam. Pablo is a prolific author of a personal brand (his latest book is a gem, The Challenge). He argues that one's dignity is to assert himself as a person, resp liablely, seriousness and self-respect. And that social dignity, in front of others, is to earn the respect of those around you through your own attitude of self-respect. Nailed!

#21 Humility

If you don't know, why don't you listen? Why don't you learn? Why don't you grow? (Elena Arnaiz)

One of my last discoveries in people who grow the personal brand is definitely Elena Arnaiz. From her experience as a recruiter, his reflections are brutal. Humility, knowing how to listen, knowing how to park pride, are motor axes of a well-focused personal brand. Humility is humanity.

#22 Confidence

The world believes in who believes in itself (Francisco Warden)

We're not going anywhere without believing in ourselves.. How do you expect others to believe in us without having faith in ourselves? Excellent reflection Paco Alcaide, best seller author Learning from the best. And I'm aiming for something else.: today the trusted engines in brands and companies it's us. People. All said.

#23 Memorability

No emotional footprint, no Personal Brand. Let yourself be as you are (one I know)

Life matters was the conclusion of my presentation in the 1st Personal Branding Lab Day. The value proposition is not enough to connect. Explain who you are either. A major nexus is missing: that your actions explain how you are. The constant professional posture without a few drops of personal essence lead nowhere.


Three subliminal messages

I don't know if you've noticed.. But in the text there are three subliminal messages:

  1. Today, 23 April, it's Sant Jordi, and yesterday was the anniversary of Cervantes' death. Book Day. I hope you can take advantage of the eleven books I've recommended.
  2. Today is 23. And maybe that's why I got it. 23 reasons to put you in value.
  3. Speaking of putting yourself in value, this week I presented with Eva Collado and Fran Segarra Get on Valor Express, a new one-day workshop format (Saturday) to discover, plan and learn how to communicate your personal brand. Let's go, put you in value. In June the first workshops start in Barcelona and Madrid.

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