Don't tell me who you are, tell me why I should choose you (the value proposition), by @evacolladoduran

Today we deal with what I would call, a "specialty of the house": the Value proposal. Yes, the reason why someone chooses us for a project, a job, a conference, a program... For everything. Also to answer why should I choose you?

And, In addition, with the privilege of having a person who believes like no one else in the Value Proposition, he's been with his for a few years now. Eva Collado Durán is a friend, colleague next to Fran Segarra and who writes of Get in Valor. And most of all, a person who has opened the doors to many areas of my work as a consultant and trainer in personal branding.

Eva Collado and Guillem Recolons why I should choose you

We met on social media, how can it be otherwise. And one day, I think in 2013, I saw a person tweeting as if it were the end of the world with his iPhone in a bar at the Puerta de Atocha station, in Madrid. No more needed, I said Eve?, turned to me, and in a split second he said Guillem?

Since then, we have participated in many projects together and have supported each other. In addition to the aforementioned Get in Valor. He presented his first book "Brand is you" in the 1st Personal Branding Lab Day 2015. Then, continuing with books, our mutual friend Celestino Martinez and I lend a hand with The world changes... And you? and Eva threw hers at me with If you don't contribute, you don't matter

It would take me several pages to recount all the collaborations we have shared, paellas, airplanes and trains. And most of all, the people we've met together, the ones he has introduced to me and have changed my life.

If you've missed previous collaborations from #Collaborating Guillem, here we have the Vladimir Estrada, Ylse Roa, Paul Adam, Nancy Vazquez, Fran Segarra, Paulo Moreti And Colia Hil.  

If you're short on time, here you have a video trailer of 1 Minute (in Spanish):

Ladies & Gentlemen, with all of you... Eva Collado!

Don't tell me who you are, tell me what you can do for me and why I should choose you

Here today, In #Collaborating WithGuillem, leaving my grain of sand in this reference blog, and seeing very happy, how Guillem is moving towards his full recovery.

Thinking about adding value to those who read us today, I want to make a small tribute to Guillem, because almost everything I know and have developed on this subject I have learned from it, so I retrieve a text from my book The world changes what about you?  Keys to develop your professional future in the digital age where I explain how he helped me build my value proposition.

I hope it helps you to build yours: 

Approach to the value proposition

As Guillem says, 

"People are like water droplets, no two are alike, and although apparently two professionals have received the same training (Resources), dedicate themselves to the same thing (Activities) and hold the same role before their clients and collaborators (Roles), there are elements that will determine that one professional is more suitable than another for a given project: the value proposition."

It is a perfect combination of difference and relevance. Both are necessary, since with only one or the other we will lack the element of conviction.

Let's delve into all this

relevance: What problem do we solve?? (pain) or what opportunity do we detect?? (gain). 

In both cases, relevance equals value projected to our customers, to what we can do for them and what they will pay us, either an internal customer (chief) or external. Let's not forget that we can offer hybrid solutions (Problem + Opportunity). 

For example, a doctor can diagnose and treat (cure, solve a problem) or research to prevent disease (detect opportunities). 

Difference: Relevance alone may not be enough, as it depends on competencies that others can learn. Here the question we will ask ourselves is how do I solve the problem?? How do I detect the opportunity?? 

Here our working method, our values, our attitude, our experience and reputation are the elements that will complement our relevance to become the ONLY possible choice

The value proposition is a very important part of the core of our personal brand, and we have to create it by putting our current or future client at the center.

Developing the proposal

To work on the value proposition, I recommend answering these four questions:

  • What is the problem I solve?? 
  • What is the opportunity I detect?? 
  • What is the need I satisfy??
  • What are the benefits I bring you from our alliance or cooperation??

Our value proposition is made up of rational and emotional attributes, those most derived from our values.

Let's look at some rational attributes that we can work on and that can make our difference in the value proposition..

Rational and emotional attributes of the value proposition. Guillem Recolons
Rational and emotional attributes of the value proposition. Guillem Recolons

Rational attributes

  • Price of my services.
  • Novelty and innovation in the product.
  • The quality and guarantee of what we do or offer to the market.
  • The brand, our brand is, in itself, a unique value proposition that can be imitated (and if you are good they will try) but not supplanted.
  • Achievement: The fact that our product or service guarantees additional or better results than that of a competitor can be the differential element.
  • Risk reduction: Offer the security of working with us as a proven guarantee.
  • Cost reduction: Because after working with us, other paths are opened to create new services thanks to the savings they will achieve.
  • Customization: Adapt and customize our product to each client, really know them so we can offer them what they really need and make them feel special. Each unique proposal, each unique and unrepeatable service.
  • Experience: Important an experience and customers who endorse it.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility/CSR: In addition to corporate social responsibility, people can add personal social responsibility.
  • Method: Not everyone develops a project in the same way. Although it may be a merely internal element, making explicit the specific methodology carried out contributes to generating greater trust.

Emotional attributes

The emotional attributes that can make our difference in the value proposition are focused on your own values and how you do things like, For example:

  • Spirit of service.
  • Honesty, Respect, loyalty.
  • Level of commitment, Discipline.
  • Responsibility, autonomy.
  • Creativity, Innovation.

How do you express it??

If you're closer to problem solving, you'll look for action verbs like "I help... to improve", "I improve the flow of...", "boost sales in...", "I optimize the levels of...", "I reduce the times", "alleviation of suffering...", "I avoid...".

If you are in the area of opportunities, you will work with other formulas: "I detect new ways of...", "I research on...", "I look for a way to innovate in...", "I connect...". (Guillem Recolons)

An example

If I visited you to offer you my services and told you: "Hello, I'm Eva Collado, strategic human capital consultancy, Trainer, writer and lecturer». What would this awaken in you?? You are very likely to think...: "What you are telling me already comes out on your business card, No?».

But imagine that, instead, I remember the question why should he choose you? and I present myself through my value proposition:

«Hello, I'm Eva Collado, and I value people and organizations to find, develop and project your best version in a changing environment, complex and digitized».

It's something else, at this point, you may think that someone who introduces themselves like this knows what they are talking about and you want to continue listening to me, that's what we get with a value proposition that encompasses what problem I can solve for you, what is the opportunity that can be opened to you when collaborating with me and what are the needs you have and that as a professional I can cover.

This is the primary objective of a value proposition, who understands it is your perfect customer, who does not understand it, No...

Why should I choose you? a simple formula

This is how Guillem sums it up: 

"Verb of action + target audience + customer value objective + environment + method.


I put in value + to individuals and organizations + so that they develop and project their best version + in a complex environment, changing and ambiguous + through consulting programs, training and conferences.

Help + to organizations + to optimize your results + in a context of loss of trust + connecting your professionals with their stakeholders.

LinkedIn Eva Collado Durán
Professional title of Eva Collado, May 2022

Of course, you can innovate in the ways, without letting the background change. Metaphors can be used (XXI century version of shoeshine, I like to work for others to shine). You can create a proposal with three spotlights, as David Barreda (facilitate personal strategy processes + strengthen the human structure of your team + development of skills for training). 

Develop our core message with a purpose, a value proposition and some keywords and we already have the wickers to build the basket; the message.

We can work that message from the value proposition or from the purpose, always including the keywords we have chosen, those that define our main activity.

For example, Eva Collado is (activity) strategic human capital consultancy, but that doesn't define how they bring value to the world. (Purpose) or your customers (value proposition). Eve's message based on her value proposition is:

"I value people and organizations to develop and project their best version in a complex environment, changeable and ambiguous."


"I value people and organizations" is an activity.

"… so that they develop and project their best version" is a benefit.

"…in a complex environment, changing and ambiguous" defines a context.

At last...

All the time you invest in preparing this proposal is gold.

It will serve you for countless moments, well you can use it as elevator pitch to introduce yourself, as to put it on your profiles on social networks and make a difference, in short, answer why should I choose you?

If you want to listen to it, here's the episode 73 from the podcast Todo Deja Marca, IniVooxSpotify AndApple Podcast.

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