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We continue with frequently asked questions after First and the second installment a few days ago. For the time being, I've addressed the following questions and their answers:

Faq (1)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this take a long time?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I'm out of a job?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 3. Is it about advertising my products and services?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 4. A personal brand do you have, is created, it's built?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 5. Why should I manage my personal brand?

Faq (2)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 6. Being employed, does personal brand make sense to me?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 7. Being a manager, what need do I have to manage my personal brand?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 8. How long will it take to see results in a personal branding process?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 9. Is personal branding personal marketing?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 10. Is personal branding the same as personal branding?

The time comes to raise five new questions

Faq (3)

Personal Branding FAQ 11. How do I know what my personal brand is?

We shouldn't worry too much about what others think of us. But it would be nice to know what they know about us that we don't know. That's achieved by asking, Asking Feedback.

Ask Feedback it's quite an art. To get into the subject completely, I recommend the book Smart Feedback sisters Jane and Rosa Rodríguez del Tronco with Naomi Vico (Lid 2017). But as formats that you can have at your fingertips I detail some:

  • DISC, a magnificent self-image test that measures what the Decision is about, Interaction, Serenity and Compliance. You must ask a coach so that they can share the interpretation of the results.
  • 360o evaluation A very common test in companies, that among other things measures your behavioral competencies.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test, that gives you a percentile that measures your ability to move better in environments frontoffice (high percentile) Or Backoffice.
  • Brand archetype test. It gives you information about your archetype, the pillars that form it and the adjectives that best define you.
  • Public valuation. The Guudjob app allows you to ask anyone in your network for feedback.
  • Test 90o. It's homegrown. Ask your close circle (20 People) what do you think I'm competent about? what do you think I can improve on? Do it through a Google Form, the results are of great value.

Personal Branding FAQ 12. Does my personal brand start on social media?

No. I could get too long, but just like we didn't start building a house on the roof, we're not going to start managing our brand from social media.

Before we know what our brand (the previous issue), that would be the foundation of the house or self-knowledge. After that phase we will have to work on our personal strategy (the structure of the house), which includes objective, Purpose, value proposition, business model, Positioning… And in the final phase, we will work on the communication plan (the covering and roof of the house) who will look at a thorough message work, target audience and by, Supposed, OFF and ONline channels (among those who are social media).

Personal Branding FAQ 13. How does personal brand management relate to career management?

The only person responsible for managing your career is you. It's not the company you work for., as it could have been a few years ago. It's one thing for companies to provide training, and another is that they are responsible and guardians of your destinies.

Personal brand management, known as personal branding, is a necessary competence to shore up and manage the career. Specifically, working in depth on the business model allows us to know in which areas we are well and which we need to reinforce.

Personal Branding FAQ 14. To what extent should I expose my private life?

It's a multiple-answer question. I explain myself. I'll never force anyone to explain in public what you do in private if you don't want to. But I'll tell you the advantages you can have, to match them against the inconveniences you already know.

This issue relates to values and networking. Values because those who do not know us cannot know our values if we only show our professional competency side. Networking because if I have no intention of contacting new stakeholders (stakeholders), I mustn't expose anything.

As advantages, we know that our personal activities convey values. A runner in the background it's someone disciplined, with a desire for self-exploitation, culture of effort, lover of the challenge. A volunteer who helps poor or elderly without resources is someone supportive, concerned about sustainability, Altruistic, Humble, ideal for teamwork. A guitarist at times off is someone sensitive to art, music, possibly good team component. A chess player denotes patience, tracking the rules, ease of calculating alternatives, Self esteem, eagerness for achievement, impulse control…

You decide what you expose, to whom and in what means.

Personal Branding FAQ 15. Is the personal branding for everyone?

No, Of course not. It's just for those who are willing to work hard for self-knowing., to define a path, for properly released and with a strong value proposition, for working for other people's recognition thanks to problem solving. For leaving a mark on others. It's just for those who are willing to invest in themselves and add value to others.


I am confident that I have clarified doubts and concepts with this third part of Frequently Asked Questions (3). I'll wait for you next week with the 5 remaining questions. Happy week!

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