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What's promised is debt. After the First, The Second, and the Tercera delivery a few days ago I present a Frequently Asked Questions (4) with new issues emerging in talks and formations. For the time being, I've addressed the following questions and their answers:

Faq (1)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 1. Does this take a long time?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 2. Is this for when I'm out of a job?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 3. Is it about advertising my products and services?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 4. A personal brand do you have, is created, it's built?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 5. Why should I manage my personal brand?

Faq (2)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 6. Being employed, does personal brand make sense to me?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 7. Being a manager, what need do I have to manage my personal brand?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 8. How long will it take to see results in a personal branding process?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 9. Is personal branding personal marketing?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 10. Is personal branding the same as personal branding?

Faq (3)

  • Personal Branding FAQ 11. How do I know what my personal brand is?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 12. Does my personal brand start on social media?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 13. How does personal brand management relate to career management?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 14. To what extent should I expose my private life?
  • Personal Branding FAQ 15. Is the personal branding for everyone?

The time comes to conclude with the last five new issues

Faq (4)

Personal Branding FAQ 16. Does the company's branding staff have a place?

It is curious that the creator of the term personal branding, Tom Peters, think of it as a competition related to the figure of the intra-entrepreneur employee. His concept of Me Inc, or I, Inc. Then, over the years and the appearance of blogs and social media, the term was associated with independent professionals, Autonomous, knowmads…

A year ago I published a post titled Personal Branding in organizations that portrays how the personal branding in the company can contribute to:

  • Empower managers and other professionals and place them at the center of the brand (your people are your brand). This is achieved with executive branding programs and personal branding.
  • Connect the organization more effectively with its external stakeholders (Customers, Collaborators, Suppliers, public opinion, potential customers…) through the programs of Employee Advocacy o Internal brand ambassadors, with obvious advantages towards the company using as leverage the Confidence generating the most technical profiles, but also with obvious advantages for employees.
  • As a result of the above, attract the best external talent through programs Employer Branding. Remember, first it is a priority that the company and its professionals are aligned, and only then can you find the best talent.

Personal Branding FAQ 17. What requirements should a personal brand consultant meet (personal brander)?

  • Consultants / trainers who project a strong personal brand, both offline and online, and be recognized by the market as benchmarks
  • Consultants / Trainers experienced in consulting and training in comprehensive branding staff (Self, Strategy, Visibility)
  • Consultants / Trainers experienced as employees and managers organizations. What is known as professionals who have been on the line.

Personal Branding FAQ 18. Do you need a blog to manage our brand?

Necessary not. But it helps, And a lot. I owe this blog (With 10 years of life) that many of my clients have contacted me. It's a digital home. Of course, you can write in places like Pulse (Linkedin's blog), But don't forget that house isn't yours. That you can not have a section about me, Portfolio, FAQ, Contact…

I've tried the advantages of the blog many times, whether or not you're employed. I invite you to read Personal Branding and blog inseparable? to become more aware of the advantages of this format.

Personal Branding FAQ 19. How can I train in Personal Branding?

As the consultant and friend says José Miguel Bolívar, time to spare, what's missing is focus. You have different forms based on time (Focus) and the budget.

  • Books: If you're just getting started, I recommend you “Personal brand for Dummies” by Andrés Pérez Ortega, “The challenge” by Paul Adam, “Get out of here” by Xavi Roca, “The map of your talent” by Arancha Ruiz or “How to sell your personal brand” by Raquel Gomez. If you want to be inspired by people who have built their own brand, I advise you “Brand is you” by Eva Collado Durán and “A coffee with Chan” by Ami Bondía. If you already know the concept and want to be a pro, No doubt “Expertology” By Andrés Pérez Ortega is the option. If you want to go into self-awareness, I would try “Who are you” by Laura Chica, “Your future is today” written by Laura Chica herself with Francisco Alcaide and “Smart Feedback” of Rosa and Jane del Troco and Naomi Vico. If you want to delve into strategy, I suggest “Your business model” by Clark, Osterwalder and Pigneur. If you want visibility tools, try with “Your visibility plan” Neus Arqués and “They're going to hear you.” by Andrés Pérez Ortega.
  • Blogs: Enter Feedly and place the word “personal branding” Or “personal brand” and subscribe to the 10 Or 12 blogs that appear to you first. Sorry don't you know Feedly? Oh, Oh, Oh…
  • Consulting: There are many very good personal branding consultants in Spain / Latin America. I wouldn't like them here.. When you're recommended to one, look it up on social media and your own blog (if you don't have, download it) and make sure it's specialist in staff branding, not someone who has it as a service anymore. It shuns out of those who use the term “Personal Branding 2.0”. Consulting pricing depends heavily on the consultant's cache and the methodology it uses. A process of 3 sessions that one of the 15 or a permanent monthly mentoring.
  • Training: The best trainings are those that hire companies for their professionals. I know how bad to say it., But it's like that. A two-day workshop can't be allowed by everyone, and less with specialists of the good. In university education you have the Postgraduate degree in Personal Branding de Blanquerna URL, a course almost 100% online with a week in person in Barcelona.
  • Online courses: There are many, although the quality is disappointing. Fortunately, this week, Udemi and the great mentor Andrés Pérez Ortega have launched the course “Design your personal brand strategy step by step“. I'm following it and it's great.
  • Affordable and highly recommended investment: In Spanish, there's a congress, The Personal Branding Lab Day (PBLabDay for friends) which is already preparing its fourth edition for June. In Portuguese and Spanish, Is PBEX Brazil, Personal Branding ExperiencE, which is usually done in November. Besides that, I would subscribe to Google's alert “Congress personal brand” because there are occasional events coming out to consider.
  • Videos: There are thousands. It's hard to choose. I like the Google Acting Claudio Inacio, it's autobiographical and inspiring. Also, the TEDx Cuesta del Bailío by Arancha Ruiz, The TEDx Fundesem By Andrés Pérez Ortega and, if you'll let me, The TEDx Lleida by a certain Guillem Recolons.
  • Wikipedia: Don't even think about it.. It's the opposite of reality. Someday I promise, with my colleagues by profession, give it a change as it deserves.

Personal Branding FAQ 20. When you finish a Personal Branding process?

You suspect it., Truth? It doesn't end. Well, Lie, ends at the time of the transfer. Not so our personal brand, that acts as a legacy when we are no longer.

That doesn't mean you don't know people who have decided to end their process.. They are a small group that has been formed and does not see the advantages and yes the drawbacks. I respect them, in the world there must be everything. A personal branding process is a training process, and as Socrates used to say, “I just know I don't know anything”. Training is inherent in our lives. The day we stopped training we stopped creating Value.


I am confident that I have clarified doubts and concepts with this fourth part of Frequently Asked Questions (4). This ends here, but I don't rule out that he will later come back with a new compilation. Happy week!

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