Personal brand diagnosis 15: Delving into our strengths

I was recently talking about our daFO's personal strengths with the help of Xavi Roca, in a post that I recommend you read if you haven't had a chance.

I have some good news for you today.. I have a new guest, very exceptional, one of the pioneers of personal branding and digital marketing: Oscar Del Santo. Oscar has written an excellent text on how to work a personal brand strategically based on our strengths. And that, with your permission and my prologue, we've turned it into an ebook that you can download from this blog and from the Oscar Del Santo's website.

If you're short on time, this video sums it up in a minute: 

About Oscar Del Santo

I declare myself a follower and disciple of Oscar since I started reading, will be about 10 Years, your articles in the Personal Branding Blog of the American expert Dan Schawbel, becoming one of the first Spanish authors on the international scene of Personal Branding.

The magazine Pure Marketing considers you a benchmark in Online Marketing, and the diary The World adds to you online reputation and personal marketing.

Trainer, Consultant, author and lecturer, he was a professor among others of the NTIC Masters in Social Media of UNED and the Complutense University and is currently a professor of online strategy at the University School of Real Madrid – European University.

It's the author of 'Online reputation for Tod@s' and co-author of 'From Twitter to Heaven: guide to achieve your goals on Twitter' and 'Attraction Marketing 2.0', books that have achieved a great spread on both sides of the puddle.

Oscar is included among others in the lists of 'Essential Guide of Spanish Experts 2.0' and 'The Best of Personal Branding of 2019'.

In case this résumé seems to you little, Oscar has understood the concept of "Long life learning" as no one else and is constantly acquiring new knowledge and skills. And that, Precisely, is what brings you to this blog

A strategic personal brand based on our strengths

This is the title of the essay created by Oscar. And it's right., because it tells us about a scientifically-based diagnostic methodology that far exceeds the treatises in this series on Personal Brand Diagnostics.

This, according to Oscar, "has only been possible for a decade 55 scientists and scientists 3 years of research led by professors Chris Peterson and Martin Seligman who culminated in the creation of the VIA Institute of Character."

I mean, the methodology already leads 10 years on and off and successful, which is always reassuring, because we're not dealing with something like a "clinical trial."

Our strengths are there, but they can also be grown

Another good news that came up after Oscar's investigation: "Beyond the obvious diagnostic power that the analysis of our strengths provides us with, there's good news of vital importance: the fact that, even if they are stable (just like our personality), can develop.

That's why I think it's vital that you can read this text in the form of an ebook, because you will see that the methodology proposed by the author, based on a test, is based on studies of positive psychology (not to be confused with "happyflowerism") and incorporates unique rigor into questions and analysis of the answers and profiles of our strengths.

And for sample, a button

In the attached ebook you will find the link to do the test. I did it a few days ago and I was surprised at the accuracy of my profile.

The five main strengths are the most representative of my “true me”. They are the core of who I am and are likely to manifest the property naturally in me.

1. Humor


I like to laugh and joke; bringing the smile to other people; see the bright side; Do (not necessarily count) Jokes.

2. Love


I value close relationships with others, particularly those in which to care and share are reciprocal; I'm a close person.

3. Energy


I approach life with emotion and energy; I try not to do things half-baked; I live life as an adventure, feeling alive and active..

4. Creativity


I think of new and productive ways to conceptualize and do things; I include artistic achievement but I don't limit myself to that only.

5. Love of learning


I make efforts to master new skills, topics and knowledge subjects, either on its own or formally; related to the strength of curiosity.

Then list our intermediate strengths. They may not be so essential, but they're always available when we need them. In my case: Equity, Curiosity, Leadership, Kindness, Spirituality, appreciation of beauty and excellence, teamwork, Hope, Humility, Courage, Perspective, social intelligence, Honesty, Gratitude.

And finally, our weakest strengths. They don't equate to weaknesses. They are simply the strengths that feel less natural and committed. In my case: Sorry, Prudence, Perseverance, judgment and self-regulation.

Oscar Del Santo: Difficulties and Development of Mindfulness Strengths

Once the test is done, it's an interesting practice to practice developing strengths with mindfulness (Mindfulness Strengths-Based Practice), exercise: 

When you have a moment's rest, take several deep breaths and visualize a minor difficulty that you are facing right now in your personal/professional life. Let the story of that difficulty go on like a movie in your mind.

When you're done, ponder which of the 24 strengths would be more important to overcome that obstacle or for everything to go the best way possible.

Normally you will see that it is necessary to apply several of our strengths: can be high, mediums or lows. Identify them.

Put the difficulty or problematic situation film back in your mind, but this time visualize yourself using the right strengths to overcome the obstacles.

And here it is: the ebook that will help you identify and project your strengths


"A strategic personal brand based on our strengths" reads in a moment, but its strategic application is for years. Our strengths are equivalent to wickers to make the right baskets at every turn. Thank you Oscar for sharing that knowledge with us, and thank you Maria Mas-Bagá for designing the ebook.

Click on the image to download it. Happy week!!

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