Employer Branding

Employee Branding Program to trust the organization's professionals and to attract new talent

Employer Branding: pride in belonging to a brand

The employer branding bases its strategy on the attractiveness of the employer brand with a dual purpose:

  1. Loyalty to the organization's professionals
  2. Attracting new talent

If you're not human, it's not branding

I don't share the idea of “retain talent” which is often used when you talk about employer branding. I imagine a person chained to a chair. I think this is an exercise in persuasion, conviction, infatuation. This graph expresses very well the conditions that must be given for an in-house professional to feel what to me is the key to success: brand pride:

employer branding conviction professionals

Antonio Monerris
Antonio MonerrisFounding partner and consultant at BrainVentures
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Our trajectory marks us, even lastra us. Guillem from a unique knowledge of FMCG Marketing & Communications today teaches us that the most valuable brand is human, living and deeply personal beyond preconceived and stereotypical ideas. In it communication is stimulating and able to help us bring out and project the best of ourselves

Attracting professionals follows the same logic as retaining them

My program Employer Branding starts with a thorough job at the EPV (Employer Value Proposition) and impact the steps in the infographic you just saw. And it distinguishes the conviction facet of attraction, working on each of the elements of communication (like Glassdoor, For example) that can influence a candidate choosing a brand because of the opinions of those within the organization.


HR managers. HH and Communication who want to avoid excessive rotation in their templates and at the same time constantly need new talent (very sensitive issue in B2B and industrial sector)


Tailor-made programs based on briefing and brand needs. It's usually about consulting, and a program can be developed in two months to be implemented in the following months.


Creating pride in belonging to the organization and its brands, and translation of that pride into the market through different communication elements to attract the best candidates