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Storytelling program to generate a corporate story from history, Purpose, values and Employer Value Proposition

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The rational no longer convinces

Rational arguments are not enough to convince. In the middle of the 4th Revolution, the story is necessary as a connector element. The more automation advances, the internet of things, big data, augmented reality, more necessary is to show our human condition:

  • Empathy
  • Creativity
  • Ethics
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Emotion

And the best platform to do it is the story.

The best story of a company is usually the purest reality. Company stories that seem boring with the naked eye hide authentic anecdonts and a wealth of names, Dates, mistakes and successes.

It's important to put together the company story from reality, but also from creativity. I always use the same example about an excellent audiovisual piece of Johnnie Walker whisky called "The man who walked around the world"in which Scottish actor Robert Carlyle (The Full Monty) strolls down a Scottish Highlands road as it tells the origins of business and along the way goes through narrative-reinforcing objects. I mean, the story is explained, but very well told (should not always appear the president) and in an environment that reinforces discourse and gives it credibility.

Guillermo Matía
Guillermo MatíaConsulting partner, coach and psychologist at Delegate Solutions
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I went to Guillem from the conviction that it was necessary to reflect on my professional career, the needs of my clients and to translate all this into a new professional aspect. His accompaniment was demanding. Leaves no fringes loose. He perfectly understood my personal and emotional plane and poured it into the professional space so that I could communicate from my values, with passion and rigor. This is for me the personal brand. The result? My first book (Amazon bestseller its first week in my area), Merge with my partner to grow our company and above all, I'm finally my brand.

Storytelling elements

The program Storytelling feeds on key corporate foundations such as the Purpose or company raison d'etre (vision), The Values, The Mission and what makes sense of the work of its professionals, The EPV o Employer Value Proposition.

If you do not have these stations or need an update, I bring the branding work to be able to do it together with the key stakeholders of the organization.


Director of corporate communications and especially those who act as spokespersons, who have contact with external stakeholders


Workshops 8 12am. Face, in-company or instead agreed
Consulting to redefine corporate foundations: Three to six weeks


Improvement in all communication formats, organization's oral and written. Improved empathy, and in building the different types of storytelling, from the presentation, candidacy, motivation, employer branding...