Dangerous promotions on Facebook

I am powerfully struck by a promotion in Facebook of bodegas PradoRey: if you give the “I like it” you participate in one tenth of the Christmas lottery held today in Spain.

Is it an effective promotion? Naked eye, Yes. They have achieved some 90.000 “I like it” for promotion and 3.700 for the page. And not only that. The cost, a priori, is low: the 20€ that costs a tenth.

But analyzing the impact for the brand, several things can happen:

  1. That the number is awarded. As there are so many to distribute, will touch at a few cents per person. I don't even want to imagine the logistics of award distribution, which will necessarily include the creation of a complete database to receive each prize, with thousands of resignations (By 2 cents I do not give my data).
  2. That the number is not awarded. It will have been a good attempt, but they will not have achieved the essentials: Grow the “I like it” for the corporate page.

Why this obsession of brands to get followers so quickly? The experience with Soymimarca and with other pages that I co-manage shows me that:

  • The best growth is organic, with a good content policy that includes only subliminally or limited commercial messages.
  • Growing slowly is growing solidly. Very few are the “Fans” who leave a page from which they have not felt forced to enter. Campaigns – even from friends- of the “like this page” do not end up working in the long term, as they fill our “Timeline” of things that do not really interest us and we end up abandoning.
  • Having a supernumerous army of fans does not guarantee sales. It's a big confusion.. Facebook is a communication channel, but it is not so clear that it is direct selling. Sometimes it is better to have a small group of people acting as authentic brand specifiers. That is the potential of this network..

In short, we will make good the saying “dress me slowly, that I'm in a hurry”.

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