What is the positive impact you want to leave on society? You got it? It's called purpose

Why do you get up every morning, beyond money or happiness? Is it in your hands to improve the world, or a small part of it? Why or who are you willing to fight for? What makes you sometimes don't remember the time to eat? and I add what is the positive impact you want to leave on society?

Let's welcome purpose, To purpose, to the vision, to the search for meaning.

A while ago I posted in this blog the post The person as being unrepeatable, a review of the psychologist's magnificent book Viktor Frankl “The Man in Search of Meaning” and his observations on the purpose during his captivity in various Nazi concentration camps during World War II. One conclusion of their studies is that people with a higher purpose, with something that was waiting for them beyond the wires, survived better than the others.

In the field of organizations, as Ivan Diaz commented, branding expert and founder of Branzai, “Reality, is that every company that has focus elements, i.e. propositions that help you walk in the same direction, grows above average. It's more, any company that has defined a Brand Purpose, is highly likely to have a greater brand culture, and that by itself already makes you above average.”

The transcendentalist philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) Said “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It's being useful, be honorable, be compassionate, make it make a difference that you've lived and lived well “. I agree, happiness can be a consequence of your purpose and the way you do it, not an end in itself.

Help draw futures“. That's my purpose.. It took me years to find out., and I did it simply by analyzing the positive impact of what I did on my work as a personal brander.

I agree, and how does this apply in an organization?, who is the responsible?

I recommend reading a fantastic article Harvard Business Review Entitled Creating a Purpose-Driven Organization, by Robert E. Queen and Anjan V. Zhakor, two teachers and consultants. It's a long article but full of examples, the result of his research and consulting experience.

The mobilizing force of good purpose is extraordinary. But it also demobilizes their absence or a purpose that is not authentic. The article talks about a company that, in the midst of the crisis of 2008 tripled its income in the following years, better philefied his professionals and much more. So, it's not just an improvement on intangible aspects.

I know, you'll think it's much easier to write the purpose of a nonprofit (Ngo, Administrations, public school, public hospitals…). It's not like that.. Even a funeral company can have a positive impact on society, humanizing the treatment with family members, facilitating the paperwork… The same with a war equipment company, the blue helmets of the U.N.. they don't act as a peacemaking force? Excuses don't work.. Every organization (non-criminal) creates a positive impact on society. We need to investigate what it is. And most importantly,, Share.

I can't agree more with the phrase Simon Sinek, leadership expert: “Customers will never feel anything for a company until their people feel it first”.

In any case, and re-recommend reading the article, I summarize their 8 keys to creating a higher-purpose organization:

  1. Visualize an inspired workforce.
  2. Discovering the purpose.
  3. Recognize the need for authenticity.
  4. Turning the authentic message into a constant message.
  5. Stimulating individual learning.
  6. Turning middle-led managers into goal-driven leaders.
  7. Connecting people for purpose.
  8. “Release” a los agents of change

Connecting people with their purpose

Quinn and Thakor conclude that “although a purpose does not guarantee economic benefits, we've seen impressive results in many organizations. And other research - particularly Gartenberg's study, which included 500.000 people in 429 companies and involved 917 annual observations between 2006 And 2011- suggests a positive impact on both operational financial performance (asset performance) as in forward-looking performance measures when the purpose is clearly communicated.

So the purpose is not just a lofty ideal; has practical implications for your company's financial health and competitiveness. People who find sense in their work don't accumulate their energy and dedication:. They release them, challenging conventional economic assumptions about self-interest. They grow instead of stagnating. They do more, And they do it better.”

Do you still think that the purpose is due to empty and simplistic rhetoric? If you've banished the idea, you have a mission as a leader of your organization: connect people with their purpose.


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2 thoughts on "What is the positive impact you want to leave on society? You got it? It's called purpose”

  1. I think it was Nietzsche that advanced all this by stating that if we had a why we would already find in how. Excellent article, Guillén, thank you for making us reflect on something so important.


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