Advertising in periods of recession: When good times go by, you have to announce yourself. When times are bad, it is obligatory to advertise

We've got it on us.. The recession is going down all over the world, but it seems that in Spain it enters more strongly. Many companies have already started reducing their marketing investments to save resources and maintain profit margins. Managers know that's not the best solution, but they think "what else can I do". It's not easy to maintain the level of investments when your billing will be reduced in the coming months.

In the well-known "study of U.S.. recessions", McGraw-Hill Research analyzed 600 companies between 1980 And 1985. The results of companies that maintained or increased their advertising investment during the 1981 And 1982 achieved higher sales growth, both during the recession and in the 3 years after those other companies that suppressed or reduced their investments. In 1985, companies more aggressive investments resulted in a 256% increase over those who didn't. In addition, a series of six studies led by the Research Institute Meldrum & Fewsmith (Under) conclusively demonstrated that increasing the advertising budget during recessions not only increases sales, also increases the benefits.

Despite this evidence, many advertisers still think "I agree, but I can't afford the costs of advertising on TV right now".

At this point, it's time to change your habits and delete the phrase"Advertising on TV High Cost", to discover that with TVLowCost TV advertising isn't just more affordable, it's also more efficient, and also requires budgets much lower than traditional agencies.

Recessions represent an excellent opportunity to adopt a "Low Cost Attitude" in television advertising.

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