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Personal Brand (o Personal Brand) Is…

Personal brand is what we project on others. If our identity is who we are, The footprint we leave on others is ours Personal Brand.

As you say Paul Adam in his book The challenge, Our personal brand depends vitally on our relationships with others. If we were hermits, we would have our own identity, but we wouldn't have someone to leave a personal brand. Andrés Pérez Ortega reinforces the same idea in his Manifest:

A Personal Brand has no value if you don't offer something to others. the strength of the brand comes from "the others".

When all this starts

The “personal brand awareness” starts with the first artists who signed their works, worrying about his legacy. Deep down, The Purpose, the legacy we want to leave, it's still a substantial part of our brand. Enrique Rueda (Epd), in his post No personal brand, no artist (Soymimarca, 2016), referring to classical Greece and the Renaissance, Says:

It is at this moment that artists become aware of their own work, of their individuality and the value of their work, and they start to break down barriers. During that awareness they begin to make the footprint they plan to leave for the story, Your personal brand

Another thing is when the personal brand management, known as personal branding (or personal branding). Who coined the term, the writer specializing in business management Tom Peters, he did it relatively recently, when he included the personal branding in his article titled “The Brand called You” (The Brand Called You). To clarify concepts I recommend you check the post No, personal branding is not the same as personal brand.

It's not just emotional or just rational

Our personal brand, understood as external vision, it's complex. It consists of elements (Memories) emotional and rational. The message we communicate is rich, what we say mixes with the way we say it, and the same thing happens with what we do. To complicate it more, what we don't do and don't say leaves also mark. Everything leaves a mark.

Personal brand is not built, is discovered

What we can build or develop is our personal strategy, managing our brand or the personal branding process. To discover our personal brand we need to delve into our own knowledge, and for that there's nothing like asking Feedback. Should we care what they say about us? Yes, although you shouldn't obsess us. Information is power, and if we don't know what brand we leave we leave we won't be able to focus our own strategy.

And here's the video What's a personal brand? (Personal Brand)

I had long wanted to update definitions from the production we did at Soymimarca In 2012, which has about 80.000 Views. In that video, they mixed up the concepts of personal brand and personal branding along with like-minded ideas about difference, Authenticity…

In this new video, With 25 Definitions, I've wanted to be more purist and I refer only to definitions or Insights about the personal brand (personal brand). That's what I'm committed to presenting soon a specific video that will be called What is Personal Branding?

The authors and their phrases

I must admit, I've been a bad boy and except in two cases., I haven't warned that I would post this video. Many of the definitions are drawn from the bowels of an article, almost stolen. When we are asked for a definition of something, we try to be very academic, very perfect. And that sometimes goes against the principle of spontaneity. Here I transcribe the 25 definitions and their authors:

  1. Personal Brand it's perceived identity. It's what others think and especially feel about what we say and do (or not). Inspired by our values and projected into our channels of influence / Joan Clotet @JoanClotet
  2. It's the credit of a trust a person has in the market, through generating value for a community consistently over time / Francisco Warden @falcaide
  3. It's what makes us special and so others remind us / Naomi Vico @_tiruriru_
  4. It's the result of the projection of what you know, what you do and what you feel in others, that generates a certain perception about you and tilts interactions with you in one direction or another / David Barreda @DavidBarreda_db
  5. Personal brand is the sharp footprint you leave on others that allows you to transcend and collaborate / Arancha Ruiz @alterarancha
  6. It's a footprint, a sign, is what's left when we're no longer present / Andrés Pérez Ortega @personal brand
  7. Brand… It's you / Eva Collado @evacolladoduran
  8. Today the Brand is the sum of everything we do and what we don't. What we sell and what we don't. From what we say and what we don't… / Ivan Diaz @Branzai_
  9. It's the intersection between who we are and what we long to become / Ami Bondia @amibondia
  10. It's the perception you have of a certain person and the trace that you have left in our minds / Xavi Roca @xaviroca1
  11. That's who we are., what we do and what we achieve / Vladimir Estrada @Prof_EstradaMSc
  12. Your own identity depends vitally on your relationships with others, And they determine your personal brand / Paul Adam @PabloAdanMico
  13. It's the result you get after your effort and your strategy focused on identifying your strengths, put your talent in action and show it to the world / Elena Arnaiz @ElenaArnaiz
  14. It is the union of a well-defined identity, Authenticity, Transparency, Charisma, strategy and credibility, that get you to leave a profound impact on others / Claudio Inácio @ Cincio06
  15. The biggest risk you can take is not to risk. Dare and make your best mark! / Paula Fernández-Ochoa @paulafdezochoa
  16. The Personal Brand it's a reflection of the magic inside you / Nilton Navarro @NiltonNavarro
  17. It's the fusion between your changes and your permanence, between what you are, what you do and, especially, how you do it by impacting, positively or negatively, in others / Helen Gomez @HelenEgrorienta
  18. It's something that is born of oneself and then projected into the world / Fran Segarra @fransegarrab
  19. It's when someone hears your name and automatically knows who you are and what you can help them with. / Ana Trenza @aatrenza
  20. Brand is the perfume you wear, reputation the smell you leave / Alfonso Alcántara @yoriento
  21. Personal Brand it's the footprint you leave, the way they remind you / Nancy Vazquez @nanvazy
  22. It is the footprint that we leave on the people with which we have maintained a professional relationship and that allows us to be known and recognized / Jordi Collell @JordiCollell
  23. It's like a scent, it's hard to define but we're actually able to explain it in three words by obvious nuances / Helena Casas @HelenaCasas
  24. Everything leaves a mark, And we more than anything / Guillem Recolons @GuillemRecolons
  25. … And what brand are you? / Neus Arqués @neusarques

I hope I've helped focus ideas. Happy week!

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11 thoughts on "What is Personal Brand? (Personal Brand) #Video”

  1. Thank you so much Guillem for including me in your post!!

    I'm excited to be inside your blog!!

    You know I have great admiration for you and your work. You've helped me a lot in developing my personal brand, even in my value proposition!!

    Magnificent summary, thank you and thank you!!

  2. Thank you so much for this video! It's helping me a lot to understand a lot about the personal brand. Great job!

  3. Bruce Lee said: “For me, ultimately, martial arts means expressing yourself honestly. Now, it's very hard to do. It's always been very easy for me to put on a show and be arrogant, and be inundated with an arrogant feeling and feel great and all that. I can do all sorts of fake things. Blinded by it. Or I can show some really elegant movement. But experimenting honestly, don't lie to us and express myself honestly, now it's very difficult.”

    • Hello Ferruccio, I regret that your interpretation is so far removed from what really represents a personal brand, which is just the impression (real or not) that we're able to leave in others. Under no circumstances are you supposed to be arrogant, create a character or be dishonest. I invite you to browse this same blog to discover that in the background, what it's all about, it's to be discovered, chart a path and follow it. A greeting!


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