What would you put in your skid?

For some reason we don't know, the esquelas are written by others. And they write what they want and what marks a family protocol. Rarely is the emotional legacy from whom he has left. Look at the most common formulas:

“He died a Christian death in Madrid at the age of 86 Years. His wife, siblings, children and grandchildren pray a prayer for his soul. The funeral will be tomorrow at such a site”

“He has died on 13 April 20o9. His wife such, your children such, such, such and such, political children such, such, such and such, his nephews, grandchildren and the whole family transmit such a sensitive loss to you. The farewell ceremony will take place in the funeral home of such, tomorrow at that time.”

There are some data that almost never appear: what was the footprint that person left in his environment, either family, of friends or work. What was his passion?, what kept him Motivated for more than 80 Years. What he died of?.

Why? How is it that this data, the most important, are reserved for esquelas of famous people? Why are they called deceased?, Deceased, Transferred? It turns out that during 86 years you have been Person and because the heart stops beating you become fined. What a sad inheritance that of an instant.

Now imagine for a moment that the esquela could be written by us. It would be fantastic to be able to reflect what we intuit has been ours. personal brand, it would be fantastic to be able to ignore relatives that we have not seen in the last 40 years and that we care about a sovereign pito. It would be fantastic to express emotions, what has helped us to live, who we have loved, the dish we liked the most. It would be great to remember friends, those who have mattered to us a thousand times more than many relatives. It would be great to remember teachers, schoolmates, of mili, faculty.

We recognize that it would be a challenge, since newspaper esquelas work by words, and that is already known to quote expensive. It would be almost like writing a “Twit” of the 140 Characters, or an announcement of Adwords. Let's look at two esquelas that would reflect well a personal brand. In long and short version:

“One day I had to leave, this does not last forever my friends. I'm not complaining. More than 80 years when I have never missed my domino game with Pedro, Juan, Carmen, Maria and Pepa. More than 80 years taking the best cod in the world in the company of Maria, my love of always. More than 80 years laughing at the canalladas of schoolmates and teachers. More than 80 years enjoying all of you, without hating anyone. A lot of years working in my market stop, meeting all kinds of people. Can't ask for more. I will always want you, wherever you are. If you want to come and greet me call Marta or Silvia, my dear daughters to whom I send a million kisses. Thomas, the king of cod.”

“I stop beating, but I leave you the memory of my domino games, my cod and my divine daughters. I will follow you from above #tomasbacalao”.

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4 thoughts on "What would you put in your skid?”

  1. I think it's a very interesting idea. In fact, lately lay funerals are picking up this essence of the emotional memory of the person.. But the esquelas are still entrenched in the funeral topics of always.

    I'm sure a well-structured business plan behind this idea could thrive..
    I congratulate you on the web, very constructive and instructive.

    • Hello Vero. It is curious but we have already been proposed from other latitudes to create a business plan with this idea. Who knows, maybe we will launch one of these days.
      Thank you for writing and for your comments.

  2. More than once I came up with such a thing., Why not leave written who I am and what do I take?, almost mainly the latter,
    They always say that we do not take anything that we leave naked as we arrived.: This is not true, we arrive naked with an empty brain that we begin to fill from the moment we are born and so on until we die., And what is inside is only our,
    Good idea to be able to summarize it,
    Best regards

    • Your reflection that we are not leaving as we arrived is absolutely real. A brain full of memories to which we will add the memories we leave in others make a difference. And the difference is precisely the personal brand.

      A baby at birth has hardly any personal mark; perhaps a few physical traits of genetic inheritance. But that's nothing.. The brand is created with experiences, and survives the person.

      Einsten died, but keeps his personal brand intact, just like Marilyn Monroe, Churchill or Berlanga.

      Thank you for writing, it's a pleasure to learn things.


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