Alone, We arrived earlier. if you want to go far, go together (African proverb)


My favorite verb


When I started advertising, the best professionals were in the agencies. Now, at this stage of branding, we're freelancers, knowmads, we work for projects and with clear objectives.

I've never gotten such satisfactory results with people who are a long way away. We connect by values, by the way you work, for thinking differently and divergent. Team Pride.

Wonderful people


Olga Villacampa

Omnia Branding

Nancy Vazquez

Integra Personal Branding

Alexis de Pool

Communicator in Panama

Eva Collado

Get in Valor

Anabel Ferreiras

Quifer Consultants

Laura Chica

Personal development

Fran Segarra

Get in Valor

Paula Fernández-Ochoa


Eva Añón

Health Communication