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Listen to me, Reflection, Inspiration... discover your purpose,...A very deep initial work, a job that transports you to value the best of you to develop your professional brand, and bring it to the attention of the community...(always accompanied by a great guide like Guillem Recolons)
For me, doing a personal brand exercise has been a very interesting experience, and it has been for three reasons.
It's a very deep and complex self-reflection exercise. It's a shot of self-esteem, helps you value yourself and value everything you can contribute. And it's a gift, because from that moment you know you're going to take the reins of your destiny and chance and luck will be secondary.
Explorer of Life, Enthusiastic, great conversationator and sage of communication and brand management. I have shared workshops with Guillem, conferences and many conversations and I'm constantly surprised by your generosity and enthusiasm. Entrepreneur and born learner, always focuses on bringing maximum value and connecting with people so that every learning experience is inspiring, landed and optmolist. Like good wines, Guillem, great reserve, improves over the years
Purpose is what makes sense, direction and goal to oneself. It's a personal commitment, a religion, a marriage that makes professional or personal benefit the same consequence of the purpose. Guillem gave me a little push to identify mine: Working so that each Dominican family can have a title of ownership. And so it is, since then my work makes sense, though ironically I sometimes confess that I'm kissing my chains.
Talent, experience and operability, everything I've shared with Guillem Recolons has given me vision. It guides you easily to boost your brand.
I went to Guillem from the conviction that it was necessary to reflect on my professional career, the needs of my clients and to translate all this into a new professional aspect. His accompaniment was demanding. Leaves no fringes loose. He perfectly understood my personal and emotional plane and poured it into the professional space so that I could communicate from my values, with passion and rigor. This is for me the personal brand. The result? My first book (Amazon bestseller its first week in my area), Merge with my partner to grow our company and above all, I'm finally my brand.
Guillem's methodology helps you carry out an improvement process from the very first moment, where you understand that it's a process that has no end and where you always have to put effort, and the closeness and human quality makes it really easy, you never find yourself alone, something that gives you a lot of security
With the personal branding process I have valued my attributes and values, which has allowed me to put the maximum focus on my next strategies and actions. One of them has been a white paper, that has helped me create a trusted platform to research ideas, and on the other hand, I have been able to respond to my clients' concerns in a format of maximum credibility.
The Personal Branding with a Commitment to My Growth, and convinced that to get my Personal Brand shine, talents need to be polished and a strategy. In short, Guillem helped me "draw futures" with elements and canvases of the present, in order to be a well-known professional, Recognized, memorable and chosen
Our trajectory marks us, even lastra us. Guillem from a unique knowledge of FMCG Marketing & Communications today teaches us that the most valuable brand is human, living and deeply personal beyond preconceived and stereotypical ideas. In it communication is stimulating and able to help us bring out and project the best of ourselves
I am a professional in the biomedical sector. After a long period of work within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, I took the step towards consulting from a company of its own. The process of defining my personal brand helped me to pose my ideas in order, to explore and express my skills, to define what I could bring value to other companies as a consultant.
I started working on The Personal Branding in a moment of professional change that forced me to change personally and observe myself with perspective. Guillem took me to discover skills and attitudes and project them through the most diverse means, even linking in a promotional video my passion for flying with my image and the help I lend to organizations, helping me to be known and recognized.
Guillem builds tremendous confidence. It brings all your know-how and experience by facilitating and accompanying, with enormous efficiency, the Personal Branding process. At all times I've felt being in the best hands



For me, Personal Branding is the art of Invest based on the Value you contribute to others. No value, no mark.

They say who has its why they will already find their how (Nietzsche). Mine found out at the end of my phase as an advertising in 2004: Help draw futures. Sometimes I express the metaphor: 21st century shoeshine, I like to make others shine.

My mission is twofold: On the one hand Humanize Companies (good need it makes them) to better connect with their stakeholders. And on the other, create company awareness people (good fault makes us) to detect, plan and boost your brand and become benchmarks.



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