Rebranding Personal: The time to activate Plan B

This week I'm dealing with an issue that's becoming critical at a time like the current: The personal rebranding as a professional repositioning strategy.

It usually occurs when a person has trained in skills and fails to find a job suitable for them, or when you've discovered that your work doesn't fill you, is not aligned with its purpose.

More and more people need to bring about this change, something that, as you can imagine, it doesn't happen overnight.

If you're short on time, I'll tell you in a minute.:

Rebranding: How to transform your personal brand into a moment of transition? 

A personal repositioning is necessary. For a number of reasons: 

  • You might want to. accept new challenges Or, simply find a more meaningful job for your Purpose
  • You may want to get rid of certain limitations that hinder your professional development. I listened to Mauricio Reynoso on the podcast "Digital Humanism" by Joan Clotet to say that the management of our professional career must be in our hands, and that includes the way we want to learn and the topics we want to train.

Intensity of personal rebranding

Re-branding can be a major change, such as promoting an analyst to a management position in different sectors, but it can also be a subtle transition from a senior manager position to a leadership position in the same sector.

It doesn't matter what change you want to make, control your personal brand is an essential part of your career and can mean the difference between a mediocre position and a productive career. One of the most difficult steps on this path is to convince others to accept your efforts on this Rebranding Personal, this brand transformation.

Plan B's strategy

I've ever discussed the idea of plan B, who always has a constant: training in new skills, practice of them, and after a while, change the switch to achieve either the change inside your own organization (something complex but not impossible) or out of it.

You can use a wide variety of paths to facilitate a smooth transition in your sector of activity. Recognize your strengths, determining your own destiny and engaging with others will be your main goals.

Once you've defined your new destiny, you'll be able to internalize what skills it requires and how to use them. Reconsider your current skills, don't leave them behind, I'm sure they'll be useful in your rebranding towards a new position or sector. Investigate the keywords that move in your new industry and adjust your skills to match. Practice this new language in your value proposition, your business model, your CV, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch and interviews.

Your personal brand in a rebranding

Recognize the strengths and opportunities of your current personal brand, no matter your new destiny, and tries to find a way to adapt them and turn them into a competitive advantage. A doctor who wants to move to a medical vendor will have more advantages than someone who hasn't been directly caring for patients.

Take advantage of your differential elements, whether it's a previous experience that gives a unique touch to your new brand or a personality trait that you can use to reinforce your advantages. Regardless of whether these attributes are strictly related to your new job, you can smartly take advantage of any advantage that helps you stand out.

Sectors in transformation

When a sector of activity is undergoing a transformation, perhaps the most important part of a successful re-brand change is explaining it in the form of Story

Your personal experience in deciding personal rebranding should tell potential employers what this change means to you and exactly where you want to go.

To protect your personal brand, you need to develop a coherent narrative that accurately explains how your past experience fits your current goals and those of your new employers.

Communication is essential in rebranding

You may have changed course, but you can't expect humanity to know at a time when the economy of attention is so complex.

Your new networking context is made up of people, never forget it. These people can be your buyers, potential customers and prescribers in the very near future. Progressively update the content of your social networks.

If possible, create a personal blog whose theme revolves around your new destination. Make sure your biographical information is consistent and up-to-date.

Don't underestimate the importance of having a solid LinkedIn profile. Take a look at my last entries Linkedin for managers.

Regardless of the sector, the cornerstone of your professional marketing efforts will have a good LinkedIn profile base. And to make your profile more convincing, integrate multimedia elements to show off your new competition.

An easy way to use LinkedIn is to share items related to your target market, but you can also participate in like-minded professional groups.

Let yourself be advised when the time comes

Plan and manage a Plan B, A Rebranding Personal, it's neither easy nor fast. Let yourself be advised, and remember the phrase: The poor pay twice for the same. My grandfather said "I'm not rich enough to buy cheap.". Be suspicious of the free or the very cheap.

Find someone who has successfully worked on transition cases or Rebranding Personal, someone who designers an inspiring personal brand and has empathy to put on your shoes. And remember, it's not just about visibility, first you have to define a strong business model and a plan. Happy week!!

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

Here's the podcast for this article at iVoox. You can also hear it in Spotify, In Apple Podcast or in Google Podcast.


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