Human resources need to be transformed: resources out!

Transform… What and why?

Last Wednesday 1 February 2017 I attended as a guest and speaker at the #DCH (International Organization of Human Capital Executives) which took place at the Barcelona Equestrian Circle under the title “Transform… What and why?”

First of all, I thank Pau Hortal and Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa this invitation, that allowed me to tante the general state of the so-called Human Resources and their ability to transform and adapt to social and technological change.

What company would you like to work in? In no

One of the stellar interventions was that of Pablo González, of the Pangea, A centennial of the 22 years he taught a lesson on the job format that is already being installed, and that's a long way from the standards of classic companies, HR departments. Hh, And, as he himself emphasized, millennial habits.

Warning González: The 50% jobs today will disappear in 2025. There's that, and all that's missing is 8 Years.

Gonzalez recommended that recruiters who hire by attitude, not from experience. All right: of my 35 years of work experience today are only useful to me the last 5. But there are still many baby boomers recruiting that value the accumulated experience and prestige of schools above attitude and competencies.

Reference: “How they analyze your resume based on your recruiter's generation

Rr. HH and digital transformation under minimal

For some unknown reason, RR sector. HH advocates digital transformation without applying it first. It's going to be that “at the blacksmith's house…”, And Joana Sanchez (Incipi, Inesdi) invited those in charge who were in the room to digitally transform as a pre-step to “Sell” digital transformation for others.

I shared a roundtable with Joana and, besides agreeing with what he said, I noted that digital transformation is useless if it doesn't start from the company's dome.

Reference: “Digital transformation starts from above… or fails

Innovate and transform: Are there differences?

The question I had to answer to start my speech was about the difference between innovating and transforming. There's no difference. The problem is that a lot of people confuse to innovate with creating, And that's different. A spherification bread and tomato, oil and salt is not a creation, it's a new way (Innovation) to come up with a classic recipe, it's a transformation. As the Maria Moliner Dictionary recalls, “Innovate: Introduce news into something”.

Reference: “Considerations on brand innovation and marketing” Ignacio Muñoz, Branward

Transformation is about not only attracting talent, but for taking care of the inside

When they asked what barriers need to be overcome to achieve transformation, I exposed that RR. HH always talks about Employer Branding, techniques to attract external talent, and nobody talks about Employee Branding (o Employee Advocacy, Strategies win/win to project the brand with the strength and credibility of the company's professionals). In this sense, I confessed my non-membership in the “Guild” and I advocated the introduction of branding staff in HR management. Hh, something that today is a utopia in the sector.

Reference: “Corporate Personal Branding : Applications, pros and cons

What people say about you will be the most important metric of the future

For lovers of big data and metrics, I remembered the great reflection of Shiv Singh, Responsible for Innovation at VISA Inc.: “What people say about you will be the most important metric of the future”. Pure personal brand that gives you to think.

I entertained in “Googling” to the speakers of the roundtables, and the projected digital personal brand was not exemplary in general. Juan Carlos Pérez Espinosa is saved (Dhc & Facthum), the aforementioned Pablo González, Pol Hortal, Joana Sanchez, Joan Clotet and Cristobal Paus.

Reference: The manager's personal mark, a pending subject

Talent is slow

It may seem like a joke., but the word game of Joan Clotet (Ferrovial) locked up a very clear claim. The talent sector requires more innovation (Transformation) agility to face the challenges no longer of the future, also today's. Joan talked about Digital Hub who has organized his company to attract talent and train Ferrovial professionals in digital skills.

Reference: “Ferrovial creates a Digital Hub for the implementation of the digital strategy in the company

Functions and dysfunctions of the digital age

Quim Falgueras (e-magister) highlighted that digital tools represent an opportunity, but at the same time allow dysfunctions that can lead to the closure of companies and the disappearance of brands (Nokia, Kodak…).

Reference: “How Nokia lost the battle of innovation

Purpose, vision and ethics

Silvia Vilchez (Mrw) put the point of “Seny” as for digital fever: “Given the urgency digital, Purpose, Vision, Ethics, don't generalize, Courage”.

Reference: “A day in the life of the director of people“. The Country.

Humans are not resources

Throughout the various interventions I could see that there were two types of managers, those who keep the title of “Human Resources” and those who have sought other formulas, as the case of Silvia Vilches herself “Director of People”. Of course, I'm clear that humans are more than just resources. One resource is big data, cloud computing or wind power. But people are more. A couple of years ago I wrote in this same blog that we have to move from human resources to human resources with resources. There's another alternative: Resources out!

Reference: “From Human Resources to Human Resources

Images: Dch

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