Differences between personal brand, reputation and online reputation

I've wanted to talk to you about the online reputation and their relationship to reputation “Real” and the personal brand. Everything is opinionable, there's no exact science about this, but I hope to help you understand something important: personal brand, reputation and online reputation are different things.

Online reputation can be short-lived

If our personal brand is a solid foundation, generated through what we leave in others (perceived identity) and what we are (Identity), reputation is the result of our actions (or inactions) seen by the others. And the online reputation is the result of a positive perception, neutral or negative that occurs in the internet environment.

A person can enjoy an excellent reputation “Real” and a bad online reputation. That's possible. I have worked for managers whose reputation among their peers, team and customers is impeccable, and instead his online reputation it's negative. Let's see what the main causes may be.

Negative online reputation for digital absence

It's the most common. Companies that “Hide” to their professionals, or the same managers who, out of ignorance, obviate a minimum of network presence. The non-presence brings out what I call digital garbage, I mean, everything you wouldn't want to appear on the net: personal data, public office, negative news. Here the principle that applies here is to take control of our digital brand.

Wrong digital protocol

If to practice as an engineer you need to study for four years, to move your reputation to the network you need a minimum of training. Or so, or delegate to someone in the organization who manages it for you (I don't recommend it except in a probation period). Working on the value proposition, the message for each stakeholder stakeholder, the tone, the contents, interactions… it's not far from the real world, but it requires its protocols.

Wrong story

The digital narcissism, or always talking about oneself or one's company bores flies. It's important that the digital narrative is interesting, that generates interaction and, especially, Value. Sharing content from other companies or people doesn't hurt, On the contrary, in the long run makes us good content curators (one of the skills of the S.20s professional).

Sharing content from other companies or people doesn't hurt

A few years ago, the singer David Bisbal posted an unfortunate tweet about Egypt during one of his travels. That could have affected your online reputation, but at all his real reputation nor his personal brand wobbled. Sometimes, even these mistakes have their bright side: humanize, because they place the person as a mortal like the others.

Those who might be punished by a “Bad” online reputation is to the most senior managers of the organizations. To combat it, there are Executive Branding.

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