Never try to retain talent, consquílo... or let it fly

The very idea of retaining talent brings me the image of a person behind bars in a prison cell. In fact, one of the definitions of the R.A.E.. when you're looking to "hold" is "Impose pre-trial detention, arrest."

And, However, retain talent is an expression still to the use of many HUMAN Resources departments when they refer to persuading, Loyalty, Motivate, or make sense of the job.

If you're short on time, I invite you to see a refreshing summary of 1 minute on video:

"Retaining talent" is an expression of those that must already be taken out of circulation.

And she's not the only one.. There are just as rusty, like "customer" or "personal", who put people as individuals in a herd.

"The clientele is not having the behavior we expected". I heard this phrase recently on television from the head of a hotel hotel network. I took my hands to my head. The "clientele" are people, with complex behaviors, responding to fear (Covid19, For example) in different ways.

A while ago I wrote the article Useless words and personal branding, of which Andrew Macario made an excellent infographic. Now I see that I should update the post with these words like "retain talent", "human resources" or "clientele".

Is Leo Messi a talent "to retain"?

This week discusses the future of one of the world's best football players, and possibly history. I want to make it note that I am no expert in this world, that moves huge amounts of money.

One day I read that the new coach of the F.C.B., Ronald Koeman, wants to hold Messi anyway. Of course, and who doesn't? But if we ask Leo Messi if you want to be "retained" in the F.C.B.. possibly tell us no. It's a reasoned "no": has completed a cycle, an incredible cycle, has played wonders, has won trophies, has scored goals, breaking records and, The best, has known to "deal game". Players who are good individually there are many, that they are playing as a team there is almost no, and that's why Messi is more than "someone who scores goals".

Note: My friend Oscar Del Santo it clarifies that by taking Koeman's possession of the position of coach, and after talking to Messi, there seems to be a greater willingness to let him go and make a “Reset” F.C.B. staff. completely

Zero empathy, the new S disease. 21st

These days I'm surprised at the amount of comments I hear and read from journalists, Friends, Fake experts, and even politicians, claiming that Messi can't go, that would sink the "Barca".

I understand that according to this theory, it's better to "retain talent" once again and prevent you from flying wherever you want. Few have put the himself in the player's shoes - who is first and foremost a person- wondering what about me and I, what I want to do?

There's been a while, many years, where Messi felt at home, I was happy with the March of the Club, with the decisions that were made from the sports area, business... I was comfortable with the team., with the different coaches. I was motivated to go on. Not anymore.

What would you do at a time like this if you were Messi?

I don't have direct access to crack to ask him., but I've thrown this same question on a social network to see the answers of my friends. Note: I've been told that the politically correct thing to refer to all sexes is to put an X, so we won't talk about members and members anymore, or miebr@s, but miembrxs.

Responses do not form a relevant statistic, but qualitatively I've been surprised that a lot of people think like me: you have to let him do what he wants.

There's been everything: I'll check for Madrid, to retire, make a SDSO, who does a barbecue... Ha, Ha, Ha, The humor that doesn't be lacking! 

And there have been two answers that have surprised me, both from advertising friends: 

  • Help
  • Earning my salary ethically, honest and responsible

Of course, we're not here to give advice on the future of the star, but when you have it all, what's left in this life? keep accumulating? 

It's time to resort to purpose

The purpose, that great unknown to many, frequently emerges in situations like this. What should I do? I'm young, Have 32, I can keep playing until 35, my fitness is good.

Then, what do we prioritize, new "motivation" or purpose? Each takes us to different scenarios:


  • A new team, perhaps in your beloved Argentina, even if it's giving up some money.
  • Maybe a team of those with Arab sheikhs behind, to ensure that their grandchildren's grandchildren will not be short of anything.
  • Becoming a "Michael Jordan" and changing discipline, maybe with beach football or futsal.


Leo Messi created in 2007 its own foundation "Leo Messi Foundation". I don't know him personally., but by the way she sees life, I doubt he created it for financial purposes, pay less tax... He did it because he believes in a purpose beyond all this.

Philanthropism is a common practice in people willing to fight for a better world (and with resources to do so, let's not kid ourselves). If Messi resorts to its purpose, other scenarios open up:

  • Discovering talent in depressed areas of the planet
  • Train talent, as a pure hobbie
  • Fighting poverty
  • Fighting the degradation of the planet, For example, creating schools in places of maximum poverty and driving circular economy

In short, and going back to my friends Xavi and Joaquim, Help, and do it ethically, honest and responsible.

Let's hope the F.C.B. executives. don't hold on to contracts, roles and other ways to retain talent to let this man often be bigger still. Empathy is needed, and in this case, Thanks, let him come out the big door and the legend keeps giving joys, this time in the service of a motivation and -- hopefully- of a purpose.

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2 thoughts on "Never try to retain talent, consquílo... or let it fly”

  1. Thank you for quoting me, dear Guillem.

    Very much agree with you is your appreciation of Messi. When the time comes (Maybe at the end of the season?) I hope he'll go out the big door and NOT with the bitter taste of defeat of 8-2 against Bayern in the Champions League.

    Speaking of 'talents to retain', I'd like to include newcomer Koeman on the list. Barca's first great coach of recent years (in my opinion), with a fantastic record that includes two European Cups as a player, Euro with Holland, and many more trophies.

    When Real Madrid players look at the bench, see not only a 'coach’ but a winner like Zinedine Zidane who is nothing less than world champion. From now on, Barca players are going to have a 'coach' on the bench’ he was also an exceptional player and is a great benchmark.

    I predict a gradual change for the better in many things at Camp Barca with the arrival of Koeman's also exceptional talent.

    • Thank you Oscar, I'm not very versed on football issues, but I also get the impression that Koeman will know how to manage the reinvention of the equipment. Successes back him up, and it became a myth by putting in the goal he gave the F. C. Barcelona their first Champions League in 1992. I send you a big hug!


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