Breaking the rules with personal branding

When I had 22 Years, The highest career aspiration of young Spaniards was to work as a civil servant or in a bank. No, It wasn't my case.

In a nutshell, My generation, moving on the edge of boomers and generation X, valued security and stability as the main elements of the decision of a job. Our parents' dream towards our career could coincide with that of the bank, Perhaps less with being an official. Being a doctor, Lawyer or Engineer, It was dangerous. And publicist, I don't even tell you.

Two generations have passed, And although it is true that millennials and Zetas dream bigger, Many Spaniards are still subscribed to finding that utopia called "stable employment".

The past 11 February 2023 An episode of the podcast "Breaking the rules" of Radio Decision, directed by Yolanda Vergara, and in which Berta Mateos, colleague and regular of the program, invited us Andrés Pérez Ortega and me to share ideas and concepts about personal branding and how Breaking the rules with the personal brand.

Here's a one-minute video summary:

If you prefer to listen to it on podcast, here's the episode 112 of Everything leaves Mark in iVoox, Apple Podcast, Spotify Or Google Podcast.

How to break the rules with personal branding?

It's not hard to break the rules, since, to paraphrase Andrés, The main function of personal brand management is to increase your degree of freedom. Not being dependent on anything or anyone.

I also believe in freedom, Although on independence I have my nuances. I think personal branding gives you freedom, But as long as you need money to survive, Some dependency you will have to face, Although you can break the rules when it comes to managing it and getting results.

What is the personal brand?

Andrés recalls that Tom Peters It dealt with two major concepts: the "brand called you" and that we are the CEO of our ME, S.l.

After many years, Andrés concludes that a trademark is the result of everything a company does.. A personal brand is the result of everything a person does, a professional: The way you dress, The objectives, Building trust, your social networks...

So, Andrés prefers to treat it as a "personal strategy", since managing your personal strategy is like managing your SELF, Inc. And the result of this management, That footprint, It will be your personal brand.

I add that the personal brand is what you bring, and the perception that leaves in others what you do, and that not everyone will understand it the same. If you want to leave a solid mark you must be very clear in your messages, very persistent and different, Able to break the rules.

Personal repositioning

Although many times there is talk of reinvention, Andres and I prefer to call it personal repositioning. As an example, He says that a professional can go from carrying sulfur boats to talking about limiting beliefs and personal branding.

Consistency, the gold of the XXI century

Andrew uses his own example. He has posted more than 2.000 posts. I'm close. And he states that it is impossible for a person to have a powerful personal brand behind 2.000 Posts if you don't have clear ideas. Can fool someone for a while, but not always.

I agree, For me consistency, Cousin sister of coherence and persistence, is the new gold of the XXI century. Some time ago, The newspaper libraries end the careers of many politicians. Now it's Twitter who does it. You cannot defend something in one medium and the opposite in another.. You can break the rules, but without breaking coherence.

Andrés Pérez Ortega and Guillem Recolons in the program "Breaking the rules" of the 11 February 2023

Value Proposal (if you don't contribute, you don't matter)

Andrés argues that personal branding does not make you money, but to get more people interested in you. That's why it's important to have something substantial to offer something of value., something to sell. He thinks that at some point in his career, He lacked more focus on the value proposition.

Personally, I define the value proposition as the reason someone chooses you, both for rational and emotional reasons or differential with respect to other professionals. Eye, The value proposition is not what you have studied or where you have worked, It's what you offer and it's how you make others grow.

Don't define yourself by your position or your profession, Do it for the way you'll create value, Dare to break the rules.

Oh, social media...

Andrés claims that it is not much use to be in many social networks if you have not defined your goals before., priorities and supply.

The problem with social media is that it amplifies what you do., They are like a magnifying glass. And there is the opportunity and at the same time the threat. If what you say and do on social media is right, will be a driver of your personal brand, if it's not right, It will be your end.

Podcast, ¿Yes or no?

I define myself as an experimenter, a browser. And with digital platforms that makes a lot of sense if you are a consultant and you should recommend or not its use to your clients.

In the case of the podcast Everything leaves Mark, I've had pleasant surprises in the few more than two years I've been with it.. We must communicate in multiplatform format, Let's not forget that the audience is dispersed. And if those platforms are their own, as a blog, A podcast... better than better, since you do not depend on third parties (again the concept of freedom). 

The podcast allows multitasking, It allows you to do other things while listening to it.

The future of personal branding

My dream is that personal branding or personal brand management becomes a university or pre-university subject as an important soft competency. And put to ask ... Why not a university degree in Personal Branding? 

In a robotized world, Either we value the human condition or we are screwed.

Andrés understands that the term "personal brand" has never been well understood, It looks like self-selling, reification, as something that does not contribute, as exaltation of the ego. As a term, "Personal brand" will end up worn out, But the concept of what's behind it will endure.

Brand Ambassadors: The personal branding in the company

There are many types of brand ambassadors: inmates or employee advocates, are responsible for transferring the purpose and mission outside the company. They can do so as digital or analog ambassadors.

Since many times who works for a project is not aware of being its brand ambassador, I believe that our mission from personal branding is to give them strategies and tools to play that role in the most effective way.

The advantages are multiple, both for the professional and for the brand.

We define success

Andrew simplifies it: "Success is getting what you want". With success you come to happiness.

For me, success has been to make a living from personal branding.. That's what makes me happy.. Do you work on what you are passionate about?? Go for it, Life is short.

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