Looking for a hand washer

I am struck by an obituary read yesterday in La Vanguardia: The death of PETER HOUSIN CRAUFURD (1930-2012), hand washer.

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It may be a deduction from me, but judging by the fact, the position could be vacant, and nothing less than a hand washer for the Queen of England at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, in Scotland.

Although I have long argued that lifelong employment has disappeared, our friend Peter died at the 82 with boots on. And that's not all.: He had inherited his father's job., And now your eldest son will do it, Alex.

Another curious fact: Three people are needed for the ceremonial of doing a hand washing as mandated by the canons.

The news provokes me the following reflection: Having an absolutely skyrocketing unemployment rate, Why don't we create new jobs like Peter's?? Some examples:

  • Hand washer
  • Foot washer
  • shaver
  • Ear washer
  • Clothes lint cleaner (Special elevators)
  • Car bird droppings cleaner…

Not everything has to be online. In fact, Technology creates jobs but also destroys them; look at Google's driverless car… How many drivers will be out of work?.

More info in this Link.

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