Imagine being someone else for a week

Yes, I know. Being someone else for a week it's crazy. And for a day, and for a few minutes. But imagine how easy it would be to understand the motivations and problems of others. Imagine how you'd empathize with that someone.

Well, yes, it's possible to be someone else

Physically not, Of course, but cultural, socially and politically, that is, from identity, we could be someone else for a while. Genetics isn't everything. People who were born in a place with a certain culture and customs have ended up adapting others after migrating to another land.

I'm sure you know cases of Spanish parents who have adopted Chinese children where you end up seeing many traits of adoptive parents in children.

And eye, with being someone else I don't try to make anyone become a character or who isn't. That, As you know, has little to do with the personal brand. It's about understanding how others think from a privileged view, yours.

I can't be a woman for a week., but being Basque for a week

Physics doesn't allow me to be a woman, or of another race, or another animal species. But culture and society do. This idea, stupid and absurd moment until I achieve the first follower or investor willing to follow her, was born last Friday in Gipuzkoa, Euskadi.

On Friday I was at a tourism event masterfully organized by the Diputación de Gipuzkoa, Libe, Oianko. Following the presentations Denis Itxaso (Deputy), Blanca Zayas (Tripadvisor), Olga Villacampa (Noema Consulting), Inge Saez, Nilton Navarro (Infojobs) And myself, Juanjo Azcarate (Ccc, Incipy, Womenalia…) gathered us at a round table.

Azcarate wanted to provoke the audience by asking for ideas to innovate in a sector with as much projection as the tourist. More than ideas, questions arose, which is also important. Curiosity killed the cat, But it makes us grow. Well, in one of these, I take the floor and let go of a singular tourist promotion: “Giputxi for a week” or Guipuzcoan for a week. A gastronomic tour, Cultural, Rural, Manufacturing, political and political, especially, by the very powerful little Gipuzkoa and its people.

Empathy would fix many of the problems of this world

Surely if we could be another person from another culture for a week, we would understand their reasons and we could empathize with their needs. We would no fear of war refugees, people fleeing poverty. We would understand the motivations of people with beliefs other than our own (Policies, Religious, sports affiliations).

What if suddenly my stupid idea had its first “follower” And it would come true? Tourist environments could prepare itineraries that surpass the cursed Maslow pyramid. I explain myself: it's all right to travel just to see nice places, try unique dishes, I want to travel to meet people different from me, get drunk on your culture, your ideas, their reasons. I won't be able to think like them., but I can understand why they do what they do, they ask what they ask for, or love how they love.

How do you create a movement?

So you can see the importance of the first “follower” I leave you one of the shortest and brightest TED talks of all time, Derek Silvers in 3 Minutes “How a movement is created”.

Did you like it? It's direct, easy and well documented. And speaking of TED, you're still in time to get your ticket for the TEDxEixample of the next 22 March in Barcelona, Antiga Fàbrica Damm.

The poster deserves it, Believe me. It will allow you to be someone else for a few hours

SPEAKERS TEDxEixample 2019

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