Will this be the year of the personal branding?

Determining indications poke:

  1. I sense in professional circuits that expression “personal branding”, “personal brand” Or “personal branding” already don't sound Chinese like a few years ago. These circuits include both independent professionals and those working in.
  2. I sense in search engines that more and more people are increasingly talking about the issue on the net. Unfortunately, many are “False” consultants who haven't even taken the trouble to read a reference book.
  3. I see growing interest from the publishing world for publishing titles about the personal brand.
  4. I sense that many HR managers are approaching -- still shyly- to this world. Some do not because of ignorance or fear (I don't know what).
  5. I sense that the United States is no longer the only reference country in a personal brand. Latin America is waking up and preparing professionals. And in Europe things burn.
  6. I sense that the university world begins to open its eyes to the reality of the personal brand.
  7. I sense that companies, large and small, they realize the people's power and the increasing humanization of corporate communication.
  8. I sense that many people are no longer ashamed recognize who have been advised by a personal brand consultant. Forgive the simile, but it seems to other people that the issue needs to be treated as a breast augmentation operation: it's done but you don't say.
  9. I sense that courses proliferate staff branding - unfortunately the 90% are incomestibles- in the formative landscape.
  10. Perceive, with great satisfaction, that many already understand personal branding as a personal investment medium-term.
Here you have a picture of Google Trends showing the evolution of interest about personal branding.

You have to thank a lot of people that this year, Maybe, will be the year of the staff branding. On the right side of this blog is a link list called “Personal Branding”. There are many of those responsible for spreading the concept.

Nonetheless, I still haven't gotten my mother to know what job. Much more needs to be done, but the year looks good.

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