If you don't contribute,
you don't matter

The value proposition as the linchpin of personal branding

The value proposition is what makes a customer (or recruiter) decide for us. It's no longer enough to say who we are, but why we're the one who's going to solve a problem best. The conference highlights the rational and emotional keys of a single value proposition and how best to write it according to the context.

30 60'


All the professionals in the organization, with particular emphasis on those who have contact with external stakeholders


30th Conference 1 Time, both in face-to-face format in-company, rather agreed or in online webinar format


You learn to communicate assertively with a single idea > show the reason why only we can carry out a task, always thinking value towards the customer

I'm interested in hiring this conference / Webinar "If you don't contribute, you don't matter"