In a polarized and undifferentiated world, if you don't contribute, you don't matter

The day has come. A project that began to incubate in 2011, has seen the light almost ten years later. "If you don't contribute, you don't matter" is a provocative title for a book. The first impression, managers of Rasche Publishing House, my editors, they didn't see very clearly about using a negative construction phrase. But the world has made it easy for me.

If you have little time I invite you to see a summary in a video featuring several dichotomies:

No more half-inks

Polarization is evident, and has been strengthened since people are taking part in social communication like we've never done before.

You may have ever heard things like this:

  • Taking claret is cowardly, or red wine, or white wine
  • The political center no longer exists, you have to take sides on the right or left, social democrat or liberal, blue or red
  • Either you come or you stay, don't be here all day from here to there
  • If you don't love me, is that you hate me

It seems that it is forbidden to take claret, or like a moderate political option, you like to be a little nomadic, or that simply, you like a person, without ever loving or hating her.

I read Francisco Alcaide, good friend and one of the book's accelerators, a phrase that real like life itself: "Or you're an amateur, or you're professional. There is no middle ground."

The difference is badly seen

Website If you don't contribute it doesn't matter

A vegan was a hero, he was an explorer, just like someone in your group who was gay. Now, it seems that being omnivorous or heterosexual is differential and unseen.

If you stand out by communicating, they crush you; if you stand out for discretion, Also. To say you play sports, you need to do weekly marathons. If you haven't been given 20 likes in a post, you're nobody. If you've been given 200 likes, you live on social media.

Looks like someone's decided what number of likes makes you "normal.".

Indifference is mis-sighted

If you publish a book it's because writing and publishing now is easy, everybody does it. So, now publishing is a vulgarity.

It's also vulgar to create an account with Tik Tok, make a Reels, go to a face-to-face networking event, send a paper Christmas in the mail, meet someone for coffee, phone to congratulate someone... maybe because everyone does it?

The Self is killing us

Someone out there said that personal brand was constantly promoting. As my friend Celestino Martínez says, "being around all day taking the turra". And that's killing the term "personal brand" because they're associating it with over-exposure.

Managing our personal brand, the process known as Personal Branding, should focus on others, not in us. Provide means adding Value to others. Import is that that Value translates into a long-term relationship.

A book on Value Proposal

The book "If you don't contribute, you don't matter" aims to let you know what you're bringing, and see the different ways to communicate it, transmitting it and managing it. What we say is less important than what we do, so "importing" will always depend on the facts. Never believe anyone who tells you that with a good sales message you're going to make money. You'll earn it if you add value to the buyer, if you generate a positive experience. And that's working your value proposition.

Your own website with an exclusive area for readers

The idea is not new, I borrowed it from Antonio Núnez López, strata specializing in branding and storytelling, and author of several books. A specific website with information about the book, Author, prologuist, ways to find it…

And the readers' area, in this private case, it's a repository of documents, Videos, Infographics, work canvases for each section of the book. It's free, but it doesn't make any sense if you haven't read the book or taken the course. We'll talk about the latter later.

The web can be accessed in two ways: Or

Book availability "If you don't contribute, don't matter.

The official launch is the 7 October 2020, but pre-sale in Spain is already open in places like Amazon, Fnac, Agapea, The English Court,…

Both Rasche Publishing and I are doing our best to make it available soon at LATAM, either in paper and electronic format.

If you read it, I'll thank you for a review . I hope it brings you, that you care about.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS dear Guillem for your book and for everything you BRING every day ?
    I've been putting something in my backpack every week for years than you share..

    A lot of success with the book Guillem!!!



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