If your company does not bet on your personal brand, ¡Flees!

The labour market is changing. As many SXX-minded professionals give way to others with SXXI mindset (And that's not related to age.), Changes occur faster.

The first are cultural changes. Ending the lethal syndrome "that's always been done this way" is not easy, And it requires many complicities from the top. Among the "soft" disciplines that have prospered the most in recent years, there are communication skills, and also the management of the personal brand of professionals.

You have to overcome many barriers for a company to decide on that commitment to your personal brand. But those who do do well. The old proverb says that if you train your people, will go to another company. What a mistake, They will leave if you don't train your people.

Here's a one-minute summary video if you're in a hurry:

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Women's surplus value, A title that says it all, almost an oxymoron

A few days ago I had the opportunity to share the Plusvalía Mujeres program in Gran Vía Radio with a group of wonderful women in which this idea emerged: If your company does not bet on your personal brand, ¡Flees!, ¡Escapes!

Among these women was the director of the Plusvalía Mujeres programme and President of the Centre d'Estudis de les Dones d'Europa., Mireia del Pozo, also my admired Laura Rosillo, The greatest expert on ageism, and two discoveries for me, Mª Eugenia Pons de Gironella, founding partner of Openup Barcelona, And Lola Sánchez Tudurí, president of Asodame Bpw.

Plusvalia Women chapter 2
Stand up, from left to right, Lola Sánchez Tudurí, Laura Rosillo, Mireia del Pozo and Ayrin Pons.
Sitting, Mª Eugenia Pons de Gironella and Guillem Recolons

Can you work on your personal brand if you work in a company?

That was one of the big questions Mireia threw at me.. Of course the answer is unique: Yes. What changes is whether you can do it with the support of the company or with your back to it.

There is a basic principle: No one can prohibit you from effectively managing your personal brand; Repeat, nobody. If a company does not put the means to put you in value, to get to know you better, so that you integrate into the business model of the organization and become an active part of its network of brand ambassadors... Think carefully if you are interested in staying there.

Fortunately, More and more companies are managed with SXXI mentality, But much remains to be done.

If your company does not bet on your personal brand, ¡Flees! or work it on your own

Here are the options. If your business is run by immobilists, you have the option to run away or, If you don't see another way out, You can stay and start your personal brand management project on your own. That will cost you, those of us who dedicate ourselves to this are not NGOs, But it will have great advantages.

If you only remember Santa Barbara when it thunders (When you get fired, They put you in a toxic boss, You get unpaid extra tasks, They don't let you reconcile or telework...), Starting to manage your personal brand will not become the balsam of Fierabrás, It will not have an immediate effect.

On the other, If you decide to take control of your brand even if your company doesn't help you, You'll be ready to move in multiple scenarios: The first will be to decide whether you stay or go., Understand the space of freedom that gives you to know that your value proposition is sought in the market, Knowing that you are a unique person. But there's more, Many more advantages, How to know how to reach key people in the hidden job market, How to master the digital media at your fingertips to attract recruiters, How to start an entrepreneurial project...

Two great challenges for women: Overcoming perfectionism and imposter syndrome

No, These are not challenges exclusive to women, Of course. But if they are majority in women. Personally I have encountered many with one or both syndromes, They often go together.

I understand the reasons for not showing off in places as cruel as social media., where envy, jealousy or simple... Abounds.

But there's a reason to post, to be seen, Read, hear: You have something of value to tell and you have a means that we would not have dreamed of before.: social networks, blogs, Podcasts... are not free, We pay with our data and our content and interactions, But we don't have to shell out money (Except Premium options, Of course). And that, my friend, It is a great opportunity that you can not miss.

Publishing is the final link in a personal branding process (Remember: Self, Strategy, Visibility), But it is precisely the one that puts in value your knowledge, Skills, Principles, ideas before a large community that includes unknown people who may be more part of the solution than the problem.

Minimum Viable Product, The solution to syndromes

During the radio talk show I gave as one of the best solutions to these syndromes the MVP, Minimum Viable Product or Minimum Viable Product, A solution of the "agile" era so as not to waste time being the best but being faster in offering value and effective solutions to the problems of others.

The minimum viable product allows you to leave, and incorporate improvements over time. Do you really think I am proud of the First post I published in this blog at 2007 or My first podcast episode in "Everything Leaves a Mark"?

Seeking perfection is not bad, But to obsess over it and delay projects is to bet on paralysis.. Making mistakes is human, And everyone will understand our "beta" phase without problem.

Whether you run away or not, Value your personal brand

To conclude, whether you are a woman or not, run away or stay where you are, get in value, Let me see what you can do for me, For my project, How you can help me grow... Show your best brand, Your personal brand.

Back to Top, If your company does not bet on your personal brand, ¡Flees!, But do not stop betting on it, It is your safe-conduct to your freedom.

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