The paradox of applying a generalizable personal brand model to the wonderful uniqueness of the human being

I have dealt with singularity a few times, and also the paradoxes related to personal branding. I remember that one that dealt with the subject "do I worry about the image I project or the value I bring? I also remember one I posted on Soymimarca: The more you mark, less staff; the more personal, less brand.

Today I bring a new one: Can a generalizable personal brand model be applied to the human being in his wonderful uniqueness??

If you're short on time, I'll tell you in a short video:

Damn paradox!

I remind you what paradox is what is said – and especially done- contrary to logic. And the further we go, more paradoxes we create.

See people promising thousands of "real" followers for 10 Dollars, and see that they "only" have 25 Followers are common on places like Instagram and Twitter.

Seeing professionals who talk about good manners and then do not answer a proposal that you have sent them and that they had asked you urgently.

And we have some famous, like Seneca's "I only know that I know nothing". Or the famous "this is the beginning of the end". Or Oscar Wilde's “I can resist everything but temptation.". When it comes to the literary paradox, is a figure that enriches the discourse, but in other contexts I already have my doubts.

The human being is the essence of the singularity

Casually, the most read article on this blog is titled "What makes you a unique person in the world", where I use the conversation between the Little Prince and the fox about what the English call uniqueness (singularity in its purest form). 

What makes you a unique person in the world is your personal brand, all that you are, Say, you do and what you are able to build with it.

From the moment you want to look like someone else, as an influencer, a successful entrepreneur, an artist, Singer, you stop being you, you abandon your uniqueness.

I wonder if it is good to unify a way of managing personal branding

What if -hypothetically- we all manage our brand in the same way? Would we be clones?? Would we lose our difference??

I put a simile: You will have seen that many women have resorted to cosmetic surgery looking for the same pattern. They look like clones, minimal and well-separated eyebrows, thick upper lips, very marked cheekbones, marked buttocks... What an obsession with looking like someone else!

Well, in the management processes of our brand it is important to consider the uniqueness, the fact that we are not the same and have different needs, Peculiarities, Peculiarities, oddities that constitute our unique identity.

It's one thing to follow a methodology (For example, The Iceberg method of personal brand management), and another is not to consider those singularities.

For example, when my client is a coach, I reduce to the minimum expression the work of self-knowledge, since that person disposes - usually- of competences and self-diagnostic information more than enough. The same goes for someone with strong communication skills: in that case I don't delve much into the area of visibility.

But be that as it may,, the area of personal strategy is where I normally work the singularity, peculiarity, particularity, which makes a person valuable and unique, its most important part of competitiveness.

Avoid being a clone, there are too many

Indifferentiation is another pandemic that the world is suffering. And the only vaccine is uniqueness, work thoroughly that value proposition, And, if possible, do it as a team: remember that there are people who know us better than ourselves.

Another option you have is to work that uniqueness with a Consultant in Personal Branding that takes many hours of flight.

And remember: offering value is not enough without uniqueness. And uniqueness alone, valueless, is irrelevant. Subscribe to the sum: Value + Uniqueness and avoid being a clone, there are too many.

Happy week!

Here's the podcast. You can hear it in iVoox, Spotify, And Apple Podcast.


Personal Branding Lab Day 2021, singularity

Another singularity: Personal Branding Lab Day 2021, “The other side of personal branding”

We are already in full preparations for the 7th edition of the most important Congress on personal brand management in the world: The Personal Branding Lab Day 2021, 100% Online, a marathon of 8 hours next Saturday 27 November.

This year the central theme is “The other side of personal branding”, with customer cases (the other side) who think about what has worked best for them when managing their own brand. This year's hashtag is #PBLabDay21.

There are many news that we will see these next days, and not to be left out, here's the free link to register for Personal Branding Lab Day 2021.

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