Personal Branding is not talking about you, is to add value to your customers

Know (pretty good) to a guy who performs like this on Twitter, Instagram…

Version S. XXI shoeshine, I like to work for others to shine

We're not the key. The key is to add value to others

Although the expression “Personal Branding” And also “Brand Personal” indicate otherwise, this isn't about us… Contradictory? No. One person Ok based on what it brings to other, To add value to others, whether they're customers, Collaborators, Friends, Etc.

If we're willing to invest a good sum of money for a work of art, it's because it has value for us. It's an intimate relationship, because for other people I may not have it at all.

Personal Branding is adding value, it's not self-selling

I liked an article from my colleague Marco Tomasone Entitled 10 symptoms of ego branding, posted on the blog Integra Personal Branding. In the post, Marco perfectly defines the symptoms of “ego brander”. If I had to sum them up in one, I would say this profile (that abounds on the net and out of it) is dedicated to self-selling.

Do you recognize any profile of those who have thousands of followers and they don't follow anyone? Are ego branders. They just care about them., the rest of the world give a shit.

Any personal branding strategy should be aimed at solving problems or spotting opportunities for our stakeholders (stakeholders). Whether they're customers, Suppliers, hierarchical superiors, Colleagues, Shareholders…

Dan Pink made it clear in a comic book

The writer Daniel Pink, Author, among others, of the best seller A new mind, published the comic The Adventures of Johnny Bunko. One of the comic book chapters (highly recommended, By the way) it's titled It's not about you (it's not about you). Pink discusses the need to project our personal brand towards the value we can add to others.

This is not a spirit of service, this is going to make our environment grow, Improve, Shine.

If you help others shine, the reflection will make you shine

True, the word “Personal” despista

I don't blame those who might think that personal branding, understood as managing our personal brand, it's about us. Every week I read articles against the personal brand of authors who haven't bothered to read a book. The reality is that the word marks and its process, branding, always involve add value. I usually repeat that worthless no mark.

If you come to this blog for the first time and you didn't know that personal brand is not personal, forgive me for the confusion. Stay with an idea: personal brand is what we project on others, and personal branding is to analyze how to add value to others.

#EKGranada18Space Knowmads is to add value, No doubt

This week the 2nd edition of Space Knowmads took place, in Cadiz, the #EKCadiz18. Following the success of the first edition in Huelva in May 2018, the creator and driver of the initiative, David Barreda, and the main sponsor, The Cajasol Foundation, are replicating the event in other cities.

The cover photograph is a panoramic view of the Bay of Cadiz in all its splendor. Now the event moves to Granada, where David brings us back together. In addition to Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Elena Arnaiz, David himself and who writes, this time we will have two very special guests as Sonia Rodriguez Muriel And Azahara G. Peralta. And also with the co-sponsorship of the Caja Granada Foundation. The #EKGranada will be held on 20 November.

AGENDA November

  • 5, 6 And 7, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Workshop BRAVE, I teach with Ilana Berenholc and Reinaldo Campos. Registration here.
  • 9, 10 And 11, Puebla, Mexico. Personal Branding Experience #PBEX. Registration here
  • 20. Grenade. Knowmads space. Inscriptions (Free) Here.
  • 23. Business Forum of the Region of Murcia. Management days. Personal Branding and Securities Conference. Information and information registrations in this link.
  • 28. Something interesting happen in Zaragoza. I can't say any more. Stay tuned.
  • 29, 30. Workshop Personal Brand and Relationship Management. Ferrovial, at Euroforum II San Lorenzo del Escorial. It can be followed in the hashtag #MarcaPersonalSumma
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