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Storytelling: the speech that connects, seduces and convinces

Stories can change the world The choice factor between two professionals with identical hard knowledge and similar trajectories may be in the ease of emotionally reaching your interlocutor. We have no doubt about that anymore.: stories can change the world. Although the art of storytelling goes back to ancient caves, … Read more

Do I know you? Notoriety as a stage 1 of the personal message

Notoriety is stage 1 of a personal message. Discover the different ways to make yourself known, classics and online, in this article.

When marketing ceases to be invasive

Estás viendo una película de cine negro. Máxima tensión. Llega el momento de saber si el asesino fue el mayordomoy zas! lo que aparece en pantalla es una señora vestida de rosa vendiéndote el VanishOxiActionCristalGel, una marca que detestarás para siempre porqué te cortó la película de tu vida. That, Friends, es marketing invasivo. … Read more

Without a good story, a brand is nothing. The Johnnie Walker Case.

The techniques of storytelling (storytelling), as old as walking, they give us this excellent example of how to explain in 5 minutes the history and character of a memorable brand: Johnnie Walker. Video title: The man who walked around the World (the man who walked the world). The great Scottish actor … Read more

“I have a dream”, perhaps one of the best examples of storytelling

I recently had the opportunity to read the book “You'd better tell it.” by Antonio Nuñez -Active Company-, dedicated to the story (storytelling) as a communication tool. Go ahead that I recommend your reading to any person or company that needs to get the most out of your communication. I met Antonio a few years ago in … Read more