Fedeback D.I.S.C. as a self-diagnosis of personal brand

Personal Brand Diagnostics 2: Internal feedback D.I.S.C.

In this new episode of the journey of our personal brand, we're still in the diagnostic area, our self-knowledge. The first part of the diagnosis is focused on external feedback, with valuable advice from specialist Naomi Vico. This time, you analyze one of the most interesting self-knowledge tools based on internal feedback, the D.I.S.C.. For … Read more

what your personal brand is

Find out what your personal brand is before you jump into social media

You know it? What's your personal brand? If you already know what your personal brand is, Congratulations. You're in a position to define goals, business model, value proposition, messages and throw yourself into any ring to communicate it. Yes, on the contrary, you don't know what your personal brand is, that mark you leave on others, Need … Read more

Self, strategy and visibility, keys to managing an attractive brand

Review appearing in TEAMS AND TALENT Self-known, strategy and visibility, the keys to building an attractive brand Is the online image of a professional as the offline as important? What importance does it play in improving employability? Viadeo with Guillem Recolons, personal brand expert and co-founder of SoyMiMarca, have presented the … Read more

Personal Branding Plan: Manage -already- the script of your life

Personal Branding Plan launches today, the first online personal brand self-management course. An ambitious and cooperative project that answers these questions: Are you waiting for the chance of a lifetime and it hasn't just arrived? Are you dissatisfied with your current job but are afraid of a change? Is your project powerful … Read more

personal brand and castells

Personal brand and castells

As you know, a few weeks ago UNESCO designated the castells as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. We find it a unique opportunity to establish a simile with the creation of personal brands. The Castells are a festive event typical of Catalonia, more than 200 years old. It consists of the lifting of human towers … Read more