meydouno: a smart cost is born / high value with a side view of business

Hacía ya tiempo que no veíamos en la red una idea realmente nueva. Ya la tenemos: después de una pre-campaña de lo más sugerente, hoy ha nacido, una nueva tienda online que ofrece cada día un auténtico “bargain”, sólo durante 24h si antes no se han roto stocks. Mequedouno utiliza el código de humor, … Read more

If shoppers* watch TV during the day, Why everyone uses prime-time to reach them??.

It's absurd.. If a 43% of housewives and a 41% of seniors watch TV outside the hours of greatest saturation (after-dinner and overnight), What is the point of dedicating the 80% from a media budget to place spots in prime-time?. For some reason I don't know, media buying centers … Read more

The philosophy of turning the quest for chollos into a smart attitude extends among consumers – White brands and low-cost consumption reach the services sector

I reproduce the article “I'm not a fool” by Lluís Pellicer appeared in El País on 11 November 2008 The bargain of a lifetime made business. Low cost flights, low cost clothing, low cost lawyers… Even massages! An entire industry dedicated to the low cost concept is consolidated in Spain. The price of the … Read more