the binoculars of the boar

The binoculars of the boar (Christmas tale)

In Barcelona, my city, we don't have reindeer, no snow, nor the Northern Lights. There are some fir trees, that's yes, and some other boar that lets you see if there's not a lot of light. Our Christmas does not quite coincide with that of elf tales or the iconography we have imported from the US. U.S.. Also … Read more

lateral thinking

Low Cost, A new form of lateral thinking?. The talk about low cost and TVLowCost at ESADE

The Past 13 And 15 May took place in Madrid and Barcelona respectively the low cost monographs under the title “The low cost business model and the main strategic options of competitors”. The conference was addressed to ESADE alumni, and the truth is that both sessions were a success both … Read more