If Facebook were a country, would be the NUMBER 4 WORLD AFTER China, India and USA

Some chilling statistics web: – Facebook : 174.000.000 users connect once a day – Twitter already has 75.000.000 users – LinkedIn has 50.000.000 users – Flickr accumulates 4.000 millions of images – More than 35 millions of Facebook users update their profile every day – La Wikipedia … Read more

Web 2.0

The impact of the web 2.0 at the Personal Branding

Before the web 2.0 change our world, era difícil obtener la suficiente notoriedad personal como para destacar. There were no blogs, ni Twitter ni las redes como LinkedIn, so the only alternative was to advertise in the local or economic press. With good luck, uno podía quizás organizar un encuentro profesional y llegarRead more

Daring to change or let it die

Yesterday we had the opportunity to read the interesting interview in La Vanguardia by Víctor Amela to the advertiser Toni Segarra. Beyond the success stories of some campaigns, Segarra delves into the concept of change and adaptation in a definitive way, as Philip Kotler and Fernando Trias did in their day … Read more

A 1% population gets a change over the rest. Interesting report by La Vanguardia on the power of blogs

Although some take them for overcome, los blogs prosiguen su proceso de expansión en la red. Recomiendo la lectura de este artículo de Maite Gutiérrez aparecido ayer en el diario La Vanguardia.

La extensión de la socialización digital

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