#TheFollowerObsession guillemrecolons

#TheFollowerObsession Followers? Fans? Contacts? Better few and good

Today I deal with a disease that is becoming an epidemic: #TheFollowerObsession, or the absurd obsession with collecting followers, contacts or fans. A few months ago I approached the topic from another angle in the post Mark package as value proposition does it work?. There I was referring to this absurd habit of some to place his name next to … Read more

Brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors… External or internal?

You're CEO of a company. You have to make a decision: 1. Betting on external brand ambassadors 2. Throw the rest for the internal ambassadors I raised this question a few days ago from Linkedin, and the answers I got seemed enriching, so I think the result well deserves a reflection in this post. Before … Read more