#lateraltwits 05 Twitter as a public forum

In the series “LateralTwits” we've already talked about Twitter as a means of communication, Twitter as a platform for dialogue, Twitter as a means of information and Twitter as a means of contact. Today the focus is on Twitter as a public forum. Twitter is becoming a great forum. It may never replace thematic forums … Read more

personal brand and castells

Personal brand and castells

As you know, a few weeks ago UNESCO designated the castells as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. We find it a unique opportunity to establish a simile with the creation of personal brands. The Castells are a festive event typical of Catalonia, more than 200 years old. It consists of the lifting of human towers … Read more

Destroying a mark in 11 Steps

We talk a lot about building personal brands. But for those who haven't just believed at all, maybe the time has come to see it from the reverse angle: how to destroy a personal brand. Although it may seem easy, takes time. Here are some steps to follow. Lying frequently. Don't auténtic@ To Include Promises or Purposes … Read more

Think before you launch

Think before you launch any comments on the net

Micro-post. I recently read about the initiative “Think B4U post“, an amalgam of letters that deciphered would come to say “think before you post“, Bone, think before launching a comment on the network. The initiative started from the International Day of Internet Safety, in the last edition of March, and makes us reflect on … Read more

Personal brand and smoke sellers / 2 (by Andrés Pérez Ortega)

Following the thread of the post posted last week about the personal brand and smoke sellers / 1, this time we act as amplifier of the post that publishes this same morning the blog of the personal brand sherpa Andrés Pérez Ortega. Here's the content: Coopetidores, looters and converts a few months ago, in the … Read more

charged batteries

Batteries charged? Work your personal brand as a new seasonal challenge

They say that September and January are new stages. September means reentré, the start of work after the holiday, with the batteries charged to the fullest and perhaps some with that little depression that involves the turn “al cole”

Provocation as a personal brand

Provocation as a personal brand

What do Jose Mourinho have in common, Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Iggy Pop, Bethlehem Stephen,Hugo Chavez and Michael Moore? Is that clear, your personal brand is in provocation, the controversy. In many cases, skill and fame have preceded the controversy, as in the case of Mick Jagger. But the vast majority … Read more

The awesome story of the guy who found the job he wanted using Google Adwords

Subtitle: AND IT ONLY COST HIM $5!! Sub-Subtitle: Based on a true story Imagine that your life's dream is to find work as a creative editor in one of the 5 best agencies in the country. Imagine that in addition, you're broke and you can't spend more than 4 or $5 to get your sugar. I'd tell you … Read more