boosting social conscience

The drive of social awareness and personal branding

A week ago I was aiming in the article Trends 2020 in Personal Branding seven of which for me will be the most relevant trends for 2020. And I've set out to develop each of these trends over 7 Weeks, starting with one of the ones I think can change things the most: the impetus of the … Read more

Brands, values and commitment

Brands and values: from political correct to commitment

Lately I have made an effort to draw positive conclusions from the misfortunes that surround us. The relationship between brands and values is getting closer, to the point of moving from functionality to entertainment and finally to commitment. I remember that Lao-Tse phrase: “Perfection is the will to be imperfect” and I confirm that the … Read more

Conference: Is it helpful for a professional to have a personal brand?

Next Monday 24 in the afternoon, at 6pm, at the headquarters of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, a SOYMIMARCA conference/debate will take place in which it is intended to set out the importance and need for professionals to (not just industrial engineers) manage your own brand. The session is … Read more