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Story, Platform, Audience; key in communicating our personal brand

In recent years we have gone from message, middle, target audience to story, Platform, Audience. It may seem that this is a purely formal matter., but the change is not free. Se sustenta en la necesidad de proyectar nuestras actitudes además de nuestras aptitudes. No es cierto eso que circula últimamente de que la experienciaRead more

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Managing our personal communication

If we accept that personal branding is the footprint we leave on others, we should distinguish between our public communication area (the one we know about us and know others in our environment), our blind area (others know her and we don't) and our secret area (we know her, others don't). Only then will we improve … Read more

Do I know you? Notoriety as a stage 1 of the personal message

Notoriety is stage 1 of a personal message. Discover the different ways to make yourself known, classics and online, in this article.