3 corporate personal branding keys

Confidence, Training, Technology: the three keys to corporate branding staff

The branding staff is no longer an exclusive thing for celebrities and entrepreneurs. Today I deal with the three keys to corporate branding staff, a way to move personal brand management to companies, and specifically their professionals. I heard an interview they did to Brian Fanzo., CEO of ISocialFanz where I liked the … Read more

your people are your brand / guillem recolons

Hello company, Did you know that your people are your brand?

    Well, that's the way it is.: your people are your brand. And a collegiate ad publicity tells you.. Data doesn't deceive: Only one 33% consumers trust brands. On the other, A 90% consumers themselves rely on the recommendations of like-minded people (Source: Nielsen). If you only have a minute, in this video … Read more

imperfect welcome / blog personal branding guillem recolons

Imperfect welcome

Over the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to see people I respect., I admire and with whom, especially, Connect. The curious thing about these meetings is that ideas and projects always arise, some end up materializing and others do not, law of life. One of the patterns of these meetings is governed … Read more

tag cloud trust first impression

Your brand starts by inspiring trust

I confess that I have never believed too much in that of first impressions. Phrases like "you will never have a second chance to make a good first impression", or "the face is the mirror of the soul" seem banal to me in the context of brand management, whether corporate or personal. And one of the … Read more

Human Marketing III: question of trust

The tremendous impact on various social forums that is generating this new twist to marketing (#human marketing) was somewhat predictable, although it does not cease to surprise us the ease and enthusiasm with which this proposal is being assumed that more than changing the point of view that the new marketing has of the new market what … Read more