Online presence: the visibility of your business

In the company, every new technological breakthrough has been reluctantly made. In the moment, questioned the use of the cash register, computer, Fax, mobile phone or internet. Adopt the technology in question at the right time is always a great competitive advantage, so going late can go very expensive. In … Read more

3. Do you lead or follow the crowd?

Leading or following the crowd are options. Leading has a cost, but also great rewards. While some do not believe, you are not born a leader. There are specific techniques and learnings to reinforce team leadership. Self-confidence helps that sense of leadership. What do Jesus of Nazareth have in common?, July … Read more

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2. In what ways do you create value?

Para una empresa existen muchas formas de crear valor. La originalidad de un producto, a service, o de un proceso productivo pueden ayudar a la compañía a generar valor. ¿Y para una persona? Ayer iniciamos la primera pregunta de esta serie con ¿Qué te hace indispensable?. Para reforzar nuestra marca personal es indispensable crear valor. … Read more