brand asset

Do you know what you mejor Activo brand?

What's that brand asset thing? It's clear that you're your most important brand asset. An asset that no one can take away from you. Your knowledge, Competences, Actions, looks and experiences make you a unique person, Unrepeatable. But don't be fooled: personal branding, managing your personal brand is NOT about … Read more

If Apple loses, we're all going to fuck off

Today is a great day for innovation and creativity. Today we learned that Samsung must compensate Apple for plagiarism. Specifically, iPhone patents were at stake. Samsung, with all due respect, he had no qualms about copying with his Galaxy model everything that was on the iPhone. Of course, Also … Read more

Happiness after dismissal

It's a topic to talk about dismissal and depression, phases of mourning, of indefinition, Disorientation, Crisis. As Louis Van Gaal would have said, "Always negative". But, What about the positive side of the dismissal? Why do you never talk about people who have discovered that there is a better life behind an ERE? What about all those who, of the … Read more

#lateraltwits 15 Twitter as a stimulus to creativity

As the courtyard is today, any new stimulus to creativity will be welcome. And Twitter is. Here are some advantages of Twitter as a creative stimulus. Access to fresh information, quick opinions, creating a circle of people who can be a source of inspiration To tell small stories in small chunks. Run a lot … Read more

Creativity and the Risk Factor, Edward de Bono's new message

Edward de Bono's new message tells us about the need for new approaches to times of crisis, and the greatest need for creativity. I'd rather you read the original version: Too often people think of creativity as being concerned with new products, new services and new markets. All of these imply a … Read more

lateral thinking / guillem recolons

Left hemisphere, right hemisphere, lateral thinking and math

It seems that there is no creativity or lateral thinking in mathematics It was previously common in schools to include activities of creativity or lateral thinking in areas related to artistic education and literature. Little was linked to mathematics, considered to be already closed notions and procedures that the student should … Read more

Essential for those looking for new forms of creativity: "Electoral Spots. The spectacle of democracy."

Under this descriptive title is being held at the Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona (Ramblas 99 next to La Boqueria) an exhibition about election campaign spots from AROUND THE WORLD. In total they are analyzed 2.800 spots classified by 13 Categories: Catastrophe, Heavy hand, Tears, Provoto, Twins, Opponents, Fiction, Animation, Musical, Parody, … Read more