The Vital Capital

Personal Brand Diagnostics 14: The Vital Capital

Personal SFO gives us an interesting perimeter view of what matters (strengths and opportunities) and what should alert us (weaknesses and threats). Today I have as guest of honor Fran Segarra, psychologist specializing in Personal Brand, Personal Development , Branding and Business Humanization. And I brought it to this blog for … Read more

weaknesses in personal SSOD

Personal brand diagnosis 9: Analyzing weaknesses

In the 8 previous chapters of the Iceberg series we have worked on diagnosing our personal brand we have focused on perceived identity, in its own, in digital identity by name in search engines, on social media and by keywords. In this chapter we enter the SDFO (Swot, Swot...) of our personal brand, … Read more

Tests 16 Personalities

Personal Brand Diagnostics (3): Test 16 Personalities

We continue with the diagnostic phase of our personal brand, our self-knowledge. The first part of the diagnosis is focused on external feedback, with valuable advice from specialist Naomi Vico. The second one we started working on self-diagnosis, our internal feedback, with the powerful D.I.S.C. tool. and the help of expert Virginia Guisasola. And for this … Read more

external feedback on personal brand diagnosis

Personal Brand Diagnostics 1: External feedback

Given the reasons why to manage (or not) our personal brand, we move on to the first phase of personal brand diagnosis, external feedback. To do this I have asked a great specialist for help, Naomi Vico, co-author of the book Smart Feedback (Lid Editorial, 2018). This tour follows the Methodology of the Personal Brand Iceberg, Whose … Read more

what your personal brand is

Find out what your personal brand is before you jump into social media

You know it? What's your personal brand? If you already know what your personal brand is, Congratulations. You're in a position to define goals, business model, value proposition, messages and throw yourself into any ring to communicate it. Yes, on the contrary, you don't know what your personal brand is, that mark you leave on others, Need … Read more