EKHuelva18 Personal Brand

Forced to beat motivated by fighting #EKHuelva18 #MarcaPersonal (the story)

Younger people may not remember the great Luis Arribas Castro (Don Pollo), the one who voiced Cadena Ser in Barcelona back in the years 80. That Barcelona hospital, still with strong Franco's heritage, answering, Dangerous, something anarchic, closed to the sea. But very human. I had the honor of seeing live how … Read more

markets are conversations

Markets are already conversations, not monologues

Why the hell do conversations in the digital environment cost us so much? I've been reading articles for days that recommend or alert you to the need or not to have conversations on the Internet, especially on blogs, websites and social media. Sincerely, I'm not able to see where the controversy may be in something that -- for me- es muyRead more

a more human world

A technology at the service of a more human world is possible

A few weeks ago I was treating the human connection in the title post Can we promote a culture of human connection in the age of machines? As a follow-up to the ideas contained in that article, today we highlight in this collaborative post conclusions of two events that have been produced recently and that point in that direction, In … Read more