New influencers: Internal Brand Ambassadors or Emfluencers

New influencers: Internal Brand Ambassadors or Emfluencers

It seems that the world revolves around influencers. I recognize that this word is being spent, at least in my brain. I wanted to headline this post: New influencers: brand ambassadors, but I'm sure he would have lost impact. If you're short on time, here's a video-summary of less than a minute: Are influencers in decline? … Read more

Brand ambassadors

The brand ambassadors of the house: the bridge of trust

Guillem: Let me ask you a question, Nancy: Who do you trust most, in an influencer who recommends a product or service, in a convinced user, or the expert who created it with you in mind (the brand ambassador of the house)? Nancy: Good question, Guillem. For me the ideal is the combination … Read more

who's the best spokesman

Who's the best spokesman, the businessman or his people?

When we talk about an organization's best spokesperson, we tend to get confused. We think the best spokesman is the person holding that position. It's not like that.. All professionals in an organization, from its top leader to the intern, are spokespersons for it. Digital humanist Joan Clotet often recounts an anecdote in the formations … Read more

Crisis and brand ambassadors

Crisis and internal brand ambassadors, a luxury booster

Internal brand ambassador programs (employee advocacy) are usually carried out as a reinforcement of corporate branding. But as I wrote in another post, one of the functions to take into account such programs is to help combat a crisis. Crisis? Until now fear prevailed over the … Read more

Brand ambassadors

Brand ambassadors… External or internal?

You're CEO of a company. You have to make a decision: 1. Betting on external brand ambassadors 2. Throw the rest for the internal ambassadors I raised this question a few days ago from Linkedin, and the answers I got seemed enriching, so I think the result well deserves a reflection in this post. Before … Read more

there is no social employee without a social enterprise

No social worker without a social enterprise (The IBM case)

No social worker without a social enterprise. This is how the article The rise of the social employee in the company that published a few days ago on Soymimarca and Linkedin simultaneously. Companies still distrust this figure of the social employee. Sometimes ignorance, sometimes out of fear. Perhaps that's why I'd like to work with data and … Read more

values and branding, the new ammunition of the organizations

Values and branding, the new ammunition of the organizations

I am aware that values and branding are not new concepts in the corporate area of organizations. Values and CSR were introduced strongly in the mid-1990s 90 in the corporate culture of many companies, especially those that could suffer the most problems arising from their own activity (Oil, Energy, Telecommunications…). … Read more