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Corporate Personal Branding : Applications, pros and cons

Guillem Recolons analyzes the applications of Personal Branding in the Company and details its advantages and disadvantages (Version 2021)

who's the best spokesman

Who's the best spokesman, the businessman or his people?

When we talk about an organization's best spokesperson, we tend to get confused. We think the best spokesman is the person holding that position. It's not like that.. All professionals in an organization, from its top leader to the intern, are spokespersons for it. Digital humanist Joan Clotet often recounts an anecdote in the formations … Read more

there is no social employee without a social enterprise

No social worker without a social enterprise (The IBM case)

No social worker without a social enterprise. This is how the article The rise of the social employee in the company that published a few days ago on Soymimarca and Linkedin simultaneously. Companies still distrust this figure of the social employee. Sometimes ignorance, sometimes out of fear. Perhaps that's why I'd like to work with data and … Read more

From employees to stakeholders: a branding question, by Guillem Recolons

From employees to stakeholders: A #Branding solution

One of the great challenges of organizations is to get their human capital from employees to stakeholders. The differences are huge, as I've already stated in some post. But don't let anyone get fooled.: in this move must come win both parties at stake; if you don't, It doesn't work. Superpowers I love you for … Read more

RR-HH digital transformation.

Digital transformation starts from above... or fails

Those who know me know that I am not an expert in digital transformation, my business scope is around branding, both personal and corporate. But we could say that I have witnessed the implementation of several processes of digital transformation, which allows me to point to a reality that can be painful for many companies: Yes … Read more

14 questions to know if I fit into an organization (or if it fits with me) by Guillem Recolons

14 questions to know if I fit into an organization (employee branding)

Knowing if I fit into an organization can be more than useful, and not only at the managerial level, but of all professionals. We call it employee branding